Here’s what IT FACTOR really is…


Every ICON has that je ne sais quoi - that secret ingredient - that IT factor - that nobody can quite put their finger on.

Think Mr. Bowie, Debra Harry, Erin O’Connor, Grace Jones, St. Vincent...

It's because it's created through ALCHEMY!

It's literally MAGIC and ART, and who can logically explain those two?!

Not me.

Here’s zee scoop though::

I’m not interested in helping you be “on trend” or “dress for your body type” or “look professional”.

My mission and passion is to help you BE ICONIC.

To turn your je ne sais quoi / IT Factor / secret ingredient WAY the eff UP UP UP. To amplify the shit out of it.

And you can’t do that by looking like everyone else and following the rules. (Please refer back to the ICONs above…) Why would you even *want* to? You’ve always known you were unlike anyone else. #admitit

So, how do I help women from around the world transmute into their ICON, and transform every area of their lives as a result? How do I help them create this MAGIC + ART if it’s not logical?


By guiding them back to that part of themselves they’ve been resisting, rejecting, pushing down, oppressing…and ultimately setting it free. That part that’s in the background tap-dancing, waving its arms and screaming at the top of its lungs like Ginger and Mrs. Howell from “Gilligan’s Island” desperate to be acknowledged and seen by the helicopter overhead!!!!!


See, everyone expresses outwardly (visually + energetically) with two of the five ELEMENTs (AIR, WATER, FIRE, EARTH, SPACE). If you feel shut down, invisible, unseen, and like something is off or missing, then chances are one of your two ELEMENTs is feeling like Ginger + Mrs. Howell above. UNSEEN. UNHEARD. INVISIBLE. STRANDED.

Dude, it’s like folding up an entire (MEGA vital part) of yourself and locking it in a trunk. And putting it in a closet. In the attic. And padlocking the door.

When you discover, embrace and LIBERATE both of your ELEMENTs...

When you understand how they work together...

When you acknowledge the one that has been neglected/rejected and make it feel welcome and in harmony with the other again so it can take its rightful place in your energetic makeup….

Everything changes.

Then the two work together to create SYNERGY and amplify your presence and magnetism.

This = breathtakingly ICONIC!

This is the super secret thread that links every ICON, including you.

Ready to unleash yours unto the world?! Hit me with a PM and let’s discuss the perfect ICONIC experience for you!!!

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//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

Air kisses,


BE ICONIC spending $0


1. Stop giving a flying fook about what others wear, what they think is cool or appropriate or stylish, and just do your own thang.

Clients who do this say they're afraid of judgment or seeming like they "think they're better" than everyone else, which can lead to rejection. They're afraid of standing out too much and outshining others who perhaps don't shine as brightly (because THEY don’t choose to!). They're afraid of being attention hogs or "too much" and scaring people they love or potential clients, etc. away. Does this strike a chord?


2. Start treating your closet like a magical treasure trove of possibilities. Play, put things together in whacky, unexpected new ways and optimize the shit out of what you have right now instead of wishing and waiting.

Women who reach out to work with me often think that in order to be ICONIC and feel amazing and stylish, they need to start from scratch. They don't have enough in their closet or that everything they have is all wrong. They feel clueless and stumped because when the do try to put things together to match the vision and energy they want to express, it gets lost in translation and rarely if ever matches the intention they had. Sound like you?!

3. Remember today matters. Today is a special occasion. Today deserves for you to show up for it...YOU deserve to show up for yourself. Don’t let it become a wasted opportunity.

A lot of my beautiful clients are often waiting until they lose weight, or make a certain amount of money, or get that call to be on TV. They think that all that matters right now is the structures, and making money, and getting straight-up biz coaching. They're concerned with keeping up the story of, "I'm not enough, my life's not that exicting" or even, "it's superficial to care about how I look and show long as my work is amazing, who cares how I dress (even if I secretly YEARN to express through my clothes and show my uniqueness on the outside!" Does this one sting?!

It’s YOUR time to BE your most ICONIC Self, amIright?!?!? Wanna know more about *how* to finally amplify into her?! Hit reply, m’lady and let’s tawk!

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//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are\

Air kisses,


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She FLEW across the world 4 U?!


Duuuude, I cannot even count how many times I've heard this during my time living in France. {insert eye roll...}

People gasping and OH LA LA-ing in astonishment when I tell them I'd like to hire them to do my client from the US's hair on photo-shoot day. Or let them know I'll be taking my client from Australia to shop at their boutique, or for a fancy lunch at their restaurant. They literally cannot believe that women from around the world fly all the way here to France to work with lil' ol' ME.

Instead of...

--> Hiring a local image consultant

--> Working with a 6/7-figure business coach/mentor online

--> Hiring a money mindset coach

--> Joining a mastermind

--> Investing in energy work/healing sessions

Here's the thing though::: Yes, each of those can help you to advance and improve and shift your mindset, help you dress better, increase your income, and gain some confidence...

But none of these separate pieces can come even close to touching the ICON-creating Style Alchemy process I take my clients through!! Why?!

Because they're like spot-cleaning rather than a TOTAL effing overhaul!!! (And we all know what happens when we spill food on our shifts and try desperately to wipe it clean with a napkin... yikesville.)

Debbie 3 photos.png

Because the "problem" isn't just your closet-full-of-nothing-to-wear, your money blocks, or your mindset; it's YOUR PERCEPTION OF YOURSELF and who you're CHOOSING TO BE as a result of that perception.

And if you don't switch up this self-perception and actually figure out who that ICON (from the inside-out) is, within a kick-ass magical and safe container created specifically for this life-altering work... any quantum leaps that you may get from working with different experts and coaches will leave you burnt out and shut down.

Cuz it'll feel like you're running from your own shadows instead of gracefully stepping into ICONIC YOU.

Ahem, please note:: For those of you who have known me for awhile, you know I ain't one to brag 'n' stuff, but it's high time I CLAIM DAT SHIT! And my one-of-a-kind system and genius!!

So, yes, these amazing women do come to France *just* to see me...but it's more than that. They come to CLAIM Their ICON. And they know I'm the *only* one who can help them do it in the way that I do they can BE ICONIC FROM THE INSIDE-OUT (and make ah-mazing shit happen as a result of this new way of BEing!)

👘💎Through my uniquely intuitive Style.Essence process where they discover their two ELEMENTs and how they work together to express their essence visually, and through how they move through their lives.

(This is the very process dozens of people have told me, "is unlike ANYTHING else that's out there!" and so unique. Yes indeedily-doooo! That's cuz it was channeled by/through me and has continued to evolve and develop as I receive more tools and magic!! And my clients are always dazzled by how much happens behind the scenes that they would have never even suspected!!! #morethanjustclothes #itsenergy#howyoudoonethingishowyoudoeverything)

👠🔮How we marry how they're showing up on the outside to the life they're creating - we're talking boundaries, in their relationships, in their art, and in their business - so they can finally do WOW shit like selling their ART for more than they've ever sold it before, or ditch that toxic partner. #realresults#aswithinsowithout

🗝💣As I help them release and clear all the muck and yuck and shadowy goo that has been keeping them from stepping fully into their most ICONIC Selves. (Like their mom's voice telling them they can't wear that because they don't have the "right" body type, or that one person who told them they were too much and to tone it down, or not worthy of being happy)...

All so they can UNLOCK their ICONIC potential and finally blow shit up in their lives and businesses!!!!!! Like stepping out of being the wallflower and into being the Sexy Best, or getting preggers right after discovering their Style.Essence because their dude couldn't keep their hands off of them #truestory #ICONmoves


France is currently the magical ICONIC Portal I am using. And I am the Alchemist helping to usher them on through to their most ICONIC Selves. And us coming together in this way, in the intentionally-selected locations I take them to, and having them experience my process in person = A Collapsing of Time and Space. And a total mind-bending hop onto another timeline. For real realz.

Par example, here's just some of the magic the women who have traveled to France to work with me have experienced:::

--> One woman hit 6 figures for the first time in their biz!

--> Another had a 100K inheritance come through while we were in Paris preparing to shop! (Believe me, I was effing stunned, too! On second thought, not really 😉 )

--> One beautiful ICON discovered spiritual gifts she never knew she had and started her own biz

--> Two beautiful badasses started booking international speaking gigs

--> Yet another fierce one expanded her successful one-location biz to a highly successful two-location biz

So yes, it's fun, and fluffy, and dress-uppy and luxurious. And it's also LIFE, heck, even DIMENSION-ALTERING!

It's time for YOU to summon YOUR ICON!!! And I'm just the Technicolor Priestess to help you do it, m'lady!!!!

📣📣📣 BTW, portal doors for the 4-day ///Be The ICON: An Electric Ascension group experience in a medieval chateau in France will be closing oh-so sooon! 🏰🔮 (And the early bird payment plan option will be vanishing into thin air this FRIDAY!) ***This is your last chance to sneak in, Indiana Jones-rolling-under-the-rock-door stylez, so PM me pronto for deets, dahling!

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

Air kisses,


Everything you know about STYLE is keeping you from your ICON



1.) When you dress + show up as your most ICONIC Self, please be warned that it will trigger, offend, “raise suspicions” and put people on high alert. And I’m talking those you’re closest to.

Why? Because they’ve never known you as the confident, powerful, fierce ICON you are now, and it can feel intimidating. Also, you become this gorgeous mirror for parts of themselves *they* want to express and aren’t. And that shit stings.

And though it is the opposite of fun, it’s just part of the gig and an ICON always knows how to roll with it.

2.) You will become (according to my alchemical calculations) approximately 77710238 times more magnetic, intoxicating, irresistible…

Which means you get a shit-ton more attention, interest, people coming out of the woodwork like effing presto! change-o! magic, like dream boat clients!! Oh, and definitely cha-ching, more money!!!

And it can feel overwhelming to be in the spotlight at first, but FLASH! You get used to it, ICON!!! Cuz that’s where you’re meant to be!

3.) You’ll say YES to shit that feels scary as fook, that stretches the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of you...because you know you have to.

Yes to clothes that aren’t on sale and that fit like they were made for you. Yes to experiences that meet your ICONIC standards. Yes to mentoring and support that will help you get to the next level, and then the next, and the next… Even if you can’t wrap your noggin around how the money will come in or what’s next! Again, you just know you have to.

Are you hanging out in the uncomfy (AND, oh-so-magical) ICONICsphere?!?!?!

*Image from Pinterest

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are\

Air kisses,


P.S. Want to come portal jump with me in France?! 5 days, you and a circle of the best friends you never knew you had, in a medieval chateau to step into your ICONIC Selves!! Apply here (spots mega limited!) - <3

This is only for the woman who is yearning...


👩🏼‍🎤 The woman who just had a photo-shoot and, though the photos are lovely and professional, she is disappointed to not see HERSELF in them.

🦸🏼‍♀️ The woman who avoids taking selfies and doing lives because she’s scared that people will think she’s a fraud for not “living up to” her polished branding and kick-ass copy + offerings.


💄 The woman who can’t seem to nail it with her outfits because, despite all the work she’s done on herself, she still can’t help but judge her body for its shape and size.

👑 The woman who has so much edge, fire, and passion to her, that she fears showing it and scaring the shit out of everyone...and opts to play it safe with what she wears instead.

🦄 The woman who is punishing herself because she isn’t where she deems she “should be” and deprives herself of wearing things she LOVES, or even likes, and instead keeps shit that doesn’t fit her anymore in plain sight as a constant reminder of how unworthy she is.

👗 The woman who has exquisite taste, and is truly one-of-a-kind, and in order to avoid outshining others or being “too much” has decided to keep herself hidden and disguised as “normal”.

You are doing yourself and those people who need your magic/art/solutions a HUGE disservice by not showing up as your most ICONIC Self!!!

Yes, how you show up matters. How you choose to adorn your body matters. The energy you give off matters. YOU MATTER!!!

It’s time to finally step into the ICON you’re meant to BE! Hit reply and let’s discuss the perfect experience for you dahling!!

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

Air kisses,