You Know Who You Are

Dress to support your CHAKRAS

Did you know you can use what you WEAR to support your energy, raise your vibe and help you create balance in your day?! True story, yo!


There are many ways to do this, and one of the easy peasiest is to dress according to which of your chakras you want to support. You can add any of these colors to your ensemble and feel the benefits, presto change-o!

Par example -

chakra outfit.jpg

Feeling unsafe and vulnerable today? Wear some RED shoes to support your Root Chakra.

Require an extra confidence boost to rock the shit outta your next speaking gig? Wear some earrings with an ORANGE stone or gem to support your Solar Plexus.

Wanna get your creative juices flowing like nobody’s business while you paint or write your next book? Wear a YELLOW scarf to support your Sacral Chakra.

Ready to receive some love from yourself, others and the Universe? Wear a necklace with a GREEN pendant to support your Heart Chakra.

Need to speak clearly, truthfully and express yourself fully during an interview? Wear a BLUE blazer to support your Throat Chakra.

Yearning to awaken your intuition for an important meeting with someone? Wear an INDIGO dress to support your Third Eye Chakra.

Desire to connect more with the Universe and be in Divine Flow? Wear a PURPLE handbag or bracelet to support your Crown Chakra.

Which of these chakras would you like to support and nurture most this week with what you wear, m’lady?!

Air kisses,


//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

#elevateyourstyle #beiconictothecore

STOP Dressing For Others

*The* best way to achieve ICONIC style? Dress for YOURSELF!


5 SIGNS YOU’RE DRESSING FOR OTHERS (and what to do instead)

black tee in purple.jpg

1.) When you’re getting dressed to go somewhere, you think about who is going to be there and adjust your clothes to “match” their vibe and their taste.

Instead: Dress for YOURSELF! Feel into what YOU love, what makes you feel how you want to feel and OWN IT.

2.) You buy stuff you love but end up leaving it in your closet with the tags on and end up wearing the same stuff everyone has seen you in a million times instead.

Instead: Rip off the tags, lean into the fear and wear the eff out of it! Play, experiment, integrate it into your current wardrobe, no matter how outside your comfort zone it may be.

3.) You’re using clothes to appear a certain way or create an image or illusion.

Instead: Be authentic! Wear pieces that truly reflect who you are, where you want to go and what you stand for!

4.) You follow a strict set of rules handed down to you by your grandmother/mother/bff/husband/society, and you feel wrong when you don’t adhere to them.

Instead: FOOK the rules! Use clothes to feel how you want to feel and radiate what you want to radiate! Your new rule: there are no rules.

5.) You wear the latest trends and fashions and get compliments all the time...but feel bored and meh about your clothes. Something’s off.

Instead: Stop caring about the compliments and the approval you get, yo! Start expressing YOUR style, even if it means being less trendy and not getting approval. Authentic self-expression trumps approval any ol’ day!

Are you dressing for yourself or someone else??! Which one of these got you right in the kisser?!

Air kisses,


//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

#elevateyourstyle #beiconictothecore

Dress for the life you WANT!!

Stop wasting time/energy/precious OPPORTUNITY dressing for the life you currently have...


Are you dressing for the life you DESIRE? Or the one you currently have?!

Dressing for the life you currently have (if it’s not your WOW Dream Life, that is) can actually hold you back in many ways.


- It contributes to you vibrating at the same frequency rather than raising it like a mofo

- It perpetuates the stories that keep you where you are right now (instead of creating new ones that will help you go where you wanna go)

- It keeps you seeing yourself in the same way, instead of ICONIC you (think of your self-talk when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, par example…)

- It allows you to continue hiding out on the sidelines (in those same safey-safe outfits that don’t call “too much” attention to you)
- It keeps you smack in your comfort zone, repeating the same actions...

Eyenie against wall_cropped.jpg

Pillar 6 of The 7 Pillars to Being ICONIC To The Core that I use to help my badass clients create deeeeeep magical transformation from the inside-out is:

Dress for the life you DESIRE...not the one you currently have. BOOM!

When you do this, you’re communicating to the Universe, to yourself, to your potential clients + patrons that you are the ICON NOW! You are “that woman” NOW!

It’s part of BEing/Believing it before you SEE it!

Quick Tip - Today when you go to get dressed, put on something you’d wear for a perfect day in your Dream Life! If you don’t have the exact outfit, get as close as you can using whatcha got and notice how it makes you feel!

Air kisses,


//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

#elevateyourstyle #beiconictothecore

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Do you actually know yourself?

Are your desires and tastes like a mixed-up, undefinable blur?


How well do you know yourself?!

At one point in the beginning stages of my mega full-throttle self-realization adventure I had a HUGE revelation: I didn’t really know myself. I was like an effing enigma wrapped in a riddle…

Of course, I had an idea of how I wanted things to “feel” generally, but I was totally unclear of specifics, focus, direction.

This was the case with how I wanted my life to look, where I wanted to live, what my actual passions were, what my authentic personal style was, how I desired to spend my free time, what my BIG dreams were…

After years of focusing on my “duties” and what I thought I “should” have/be/do, it was clear that I had never made any room to connect with Eyenie and find out what her true ESSENCE was.

black tee in purple resized.jpg

This simple act of spending time with myself and asking questions, being curious, playing, exploring - with everything, including my clothes - TOTALLY changed my existence!!!

That’s why this has become Pillar 3 of The 7 Pillars to Being ICONIC To The Core, and a major part of the work I do with my clients, from the inside-out.

BEing ICONIC and how you dress and show up is about *way* more than just looking good. It’s about having the mindset + energetic foundation necessary to truly take yourself to the next level.

The actual transformation I support my clients with happens via The 7 Pillars, which then creates the outward stylish and MAGNETIC AF result!! BOOM!

So, I’d love to ask you, how well do you actually know yourself, m’lady?

Do you actually know what you LOVE?

What makes you feel giddy and excited?

What textures and colors and patterns feel like YOU?

What you desire to express visually and energetically through what you wear?!

Quick Tip - One easy peasy thing you can do *today* to begin connecting with yourself and getting to know what you love as far as style goes is doing a Pinterest board! Type in random words that come to you and start pinning!! After 15 minutes, take a look at the entire board and you’ll start noticing some common themes…

Air kisses,


//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

#elevateyourstyle #beiconictothecore #dresstomanifest

Has THIS been holding you back from your ICONIC style?

If you’re trying to “play it safe” with how you’re dressing + showing up, it can actually be mega detrimental to your biz, m’lady…


Here are 3 Ways Playing It Safe & Trying To Fit In With Your Style Is Holding You Back:

B&W stripes.jpg

1.) The red sneaker effect. There was actually a study done for the Journal of Consumer Research by Francesca Gino that shows, "people who stand out from the crowd are actually seen as having higher “status” than others.  And the study found repeatedly that such atypical clothing or behavior actually made others think more of the person, not less... college students were more likely to think a professor at a top-tier university described as wearing a T-shirt and sporting a beard was better respected by his students than a clean-shaven professor wearing a tie. People see such individuals, Gino says, as "having the guts to do what they're doing. They're such a high-status person that they don’t need to conform to the rules."

Moral: When you own the SHIT out of your quirks, eccentricities, avant-garde and unconventional ways, it actually makes you exude an energy of MORE authority, power and expertise.

2.) Other women and men who DO NOT fit in NEED YOU! They need to see that someone like YOU is an expert and owning their individuality while kicking ass, achieving success, being taken seriously and earning major moolah! Also, it's just smart for business! The more clearly your ideal peeps can see who you actually truly are, the more effortlessly they’ll find you and know you can help them improve their lives.

3.) When you don't dress in a way that's energetically aligned, you send mixed signals. To the Universe (about what you want, what you're willing to do, how authentic you're willing to be, what you're ready to receive, etc.), to potential clients and patrons who, whether you believe so or not, can feel at a cellular level that something is off and that you're not quite being authentic. Oh, and they'll definitely sense the frustration you feel as you try to edit, censor and fold yourself and how it conflicts with your message.

Here’s to GOING FOR IT and getting your ICONIC on, no-holds-barred! <3

Air kisses,


//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

#elevateyourstyle #beiconictothecore