YOU decide your worth!!


This is worth repeating. Over and over and over again.

Because you neglect yourself (your hygiene, how you choose to dress, eating habits…), and yet you get offended when your partner ignores you or is inconsiderate.

Because you ghost on yourself, then get mad when clients vanish on you when they said they were committed.


Because you secretly think there will be something wrong with you until you lose x amount of weight, wear a certain size, or make a certain amount of money, and yet you get upset when you’re judged and criticized by your loved ones.

Because you, whether you like it or not, (and whether you think it’s obvious or not!) the way you treat yourself, see yourself, perceive yourself always ALWAYS shines through and is picked up by others.

Wanna shift how those around you treat you? How the Universe treats you?!

It all starts with you.

Show YOURSELF that you’re worthy, from the inside-out.

Through how you talk to yourself, what you do and don’t tolerate, how you dress…

And I effing promise, it will change everything

#BeTheICON #ICONICToTheCore #italwaysstartswithyou

GOING...GOING… (almost) GONE!

T minus really soon until portal doors for the Be The ICON experience of a fucking lifetime in France (happening this October!) close!! Wanna get in?! Hit reply right now, m’lady!!!

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are\

Air kisses,