The REBEL schtick ain’t werking


Think again, m’lady!

Last month, I had a session with an artist and musician with a house and wardrobe most people would dream of having...but she felt lost and “turned off.”

Her closet was filled with bespoke pieces all created by her , and amazing shoes from all over the world. And don’t even git me started on the accessories...

SO much to choose from!!

And even though she had these delicious "ingredients" to work with, she wasn't optimizing or playing with possibilities to create outfits she effing ADORED. She felt stuck and drained of all inspiration.

She had a photo-shoot booked for the cover of her upcoming album, and felt totally confused, unprepared and clueless as to where to begin.


Because, as we discovered during our day together, her main focus when getting dressed, and when thinking about her album cover, had been:

1.) To NOT look like everyone else (and demonstrate how she's NOT run-of-the-mill)

2.) To (at the same time) follow and comply with her very precise list of conditions and rules for what a "correct" outfit should be/look like

Creativity and magic never had a chance because of the conflict between these two points of focus. Rules and conflict are total shit-kickers and inspo-zappers when it comes to being fully expressed and feeling confident.

In other words, you cannot create ENERGETICALLY ALIGNED OUTFITS when you're dressing to control how others perceive you! Or to “send THEM a message”. Not gawn werk. Nope

👗 I don’t care how effing amazing your clothes are.

👠 I don’t care how designery + expensive your shoes are.

💎 I don’t care how fancy pants your jewels happen to be.

If you are dressing to NOT fit in, then you’re outfits will NOT be energetically aligned. Simple as that, Jack.

How do you know when you’re wearing energetically aligned outfits?

→ When your partner or love interest cannot keep their hands off of you

→ When you have clients and people who can support your projects (like your new album!!) coming literally out of NOWHERE, by serendipity, practically begging to work with you

→ When money is landing in your bank account with ease

→ When you turn heads when you enter a room even when you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt

→ When you’ve got pep in your step + your posture is ah-mazing

→ When it just feels YUM to be YOU

eyenie blazer shirt.jpg

When you design your whole wardrobe from a space of NOT fitting in, what you think you’re doing is being irreverent, standing out and claiming your uniqueness.

What you’re *aaaaactually* doing is like comparisonitis though.

There’s quiiiiiite a big difference between dressing in your unique style vs. dressing to NOT look like someone else. That person, or archetype, becomes your baseline and guidance system instead of your own ESSENCE and unique taste.

You’re essentially comparing yourself to that person, and doing everything you can to be the total opposite.

But, no matter how you slice it, m’lady, the focus is them and not you.

And YOUR unique thang gets lost in zee shuffle.

(Uh, it’s kinda making me think about how Mother Theresa said she would never attend an anti-violence demonstration, but would gladly go to a pro-peace rally. Always *for* something, never *against*)

Do you feel the energetic difference in that, yo?!)

You cannot control how others perceive you (at least not for long!) because ENERGY is a very real thang! And people pick up on it super duper fast, at a cellular level.

So, if you're dressing for THEM instead of BEing YOU, that will always seep through. In other words, people will sense (without even realizing) if you’re showing up as yourself, or as an anti-something/someone.

And again, it’s impossible to see you in that.

Ok, so after I took my client through my Style.Essence process, we saw exactly why she was feeling turned off. One of her ELEMENTs (AIR, WATER, EARTH, FIRE, SPACE) was on lock-down and had no voice in her visual expression.

She was using SPACE to play it safe in monochromatics and outfits that were actually *keeping* her from standing out.

I showed her how to ACTIVATE the ELEMENT she had been neglecting - FIRE - and guess what?

Suddenly, we created FIVE KICK-ASS outfits that she had never worn before, one after another!

They were FIERCE and sexy and textured.

And her ENERGY and body language mega morphed! She went from being sort of demure and soft-spoken with a slight slouch, to standing straight, chest out, head up, smiling from ear-to-ear.

It was like she literally LIT UP and SWITCHED ON!

I helped her LIBERATE her creativity and her extravagance.

She got her effing self-expression GROOVE BACK!

It was just a matter of taking back her power by expressing her FIRE, and dressing for HERSELF instead of trying to prove something to others.

#ClaimYourICON #ICONICToTheCore #CodedOutfits #StopEFFYOUingYourself

If you’re ready to start putting YOUR essence into how you show up and everything that’s an extension of you, book a time to chat with me HERE let’s do this, ICON! <3

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are\

Air kisses,