Wanna see what ICONIC looks like? Meet Sandra...


How Sandra went from feeling invisible, to magnetizing clients as if by MAGIC, and turning down a marriage proposal!!


Meet Sandra, a badass Write Your First Book Coach + Word Alchemist.

When she came to me, she was feeling BLAH, uninspired and invisible. In her style, in her biz and in her personal life.

She knew that there was a part of her that wasn’t being expressed, but she had no idea what it was, or how to access it. Something was just "missing,” and she felt a LONGING to finally understand what it was and CLAIM IT! It was like an itch that she just needed to effing scratch.

From the moment we began our session, I knew *exactly* what that missing piece was for Sandra...and soon got total confirmation after taking her through my signature Style.Essence process, where we connected with the two ELEMENTs (AIR, WATER, FIRE, EARTH, SPACE) she is meant to lead with visually + energetically. She discovered that she was EARTH and FIRE.

And guess what?! Turns out her FIRE had been hiding out, totally ignored by her in how she was dressing, showing up, expressing. She was deferring all of her self-expression to EARTH, which was part of her, but not the whole story. She was wearing super simple outfits that didn’t make her feel excited, she was hanging out in neutrals and playing it ultra safe and conventional. She was ignoring her inner PASSION and not doing what she really wanted to be doing in her biz, and kept her marketing in the predictable and safe zone. And she was with a “commitment-phobe partner” who didn’t pay attention to her.

See how all of this was dampening the EFF out of her FIRE?!

But, she needed to be IGNITED!!!! And embracing her FIRE did just that!!

Because FIRE is mysterious, sexy, edgy, raw, and sometimes dangerous…

And *this* was precisely what she was LONGING for...the missing piece.

I helped her CLAIM that shit lickety split in three steps:::

→ The first thing I did was to introduce her to both EARTH *and* FIRE, and show her their traits and dynamics, and how they create synergy when they work + play together.

→ From here, I guided her to create aligned outfits she had NEVER worn before using what she had in her closet. She experienced the magical “click” that happens when both ELEMENTs take their rightful place in her energetic landscape via clothes, which is something you literally can’t unlearn #codedoutfits

→ And finally, oh la laaa, I helped her to reconnect with her True Nature (the dance between FIRE + EARTH) and give herself permission to embrace and express ALL OF who she is! #ICONIC

I lit the match, and her FIRE SPARKED into a mega blaze, and what happened as a result was frick-fracking mind-blowing!! Check it:::

🔥 Her business blew UP! It transformed, expanded, and became a magnetic extension of her!

👩‍🎤 Clients started coming to her out of NOWHERE...and literally showing up on her doorstep! They’ve even begged her - yes BEGGED - for her sign-up links!! This was not happening before we worked together!

⚡ Her income TRIPLED, effortlessly. Just by her being ICONIC Sandra!

👠 She wrote not one, but TWO best-selling books!!! And after a first attempt at a cover that felt like it didn’t feel like “her”, she tapped into her FIRE and used her Style.Essence to create a book cover that totally magnetized her dreamboat clients and major sales! #FIREIGNITED

💍 Her partner at the time not only started paying major attention to her, but even PROPOSED! And because she finally got that she was a Fierce ICON, she actually turned around and broke up with him because he just wasn’t a match! #BOOM

👗 She started being more and more daring with her style, and began constantly receiving compliments from women and loads of interest from men ;) “These days, I could wear a potato sack and pull it off!” #magneticmofo

As within, so without. When you embrace parts of yourself that you’ve been ignoring, your frequency totally changes. You’re suddenly vibrating TRUTH.. And that shit makes you irresistible.

To money. #overflowingbankaccount
To dreamboat clients. #bookedout
To attention. #takeapictureitlastslonger
To magic. #abracadabrabitch

It’s like LIFE just can’t keep its hands off of you cuz you’re that DELISH.

And as she says so beautifully, “My fierceness just oozes out of my clothes, my books, and my business results reflect that as I magnetize clients with my energy.

Being in my element gave me a GALACTIC confidence boost. I feel more connected to my true essence, to who I am as a woman and business owner.”


Can you feel the difference in frequency in the images?!

If you’re ready to have your own best-selling book, triple your income and become effing IRRESISTIBLE, let’s talk!!! Hit reply and let’s book you in for a complimentary call!

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

Air kisses,