#EvolveOrDie (figuratively, of course ;) )


I’ve gone through many style/fashion phases in my life, and in my biz!

You can toootally see the difference between when I started and thought I needed to look all “coachy” (whatever that means!) and “fit in”.

To when I realized I actually needed to STAND OUT (because that’s my ICONIC nature!)

To now. When I’ve found the sweet spot of just BEing me, ICONIC Eyenie.. #andstandingoutanyway #ithappensnaturally

And even in this “sweet spot”, I know there will be constant change, tweaks and things I outgrow or grow into when it comes to how I show up. AND, of course, how I dress.

Constant evolution. That’s one of the requirements of BEing ICONIC.

When I look around the online space, it shocks the shite out of me to see just how little EVOLUTION there is.

-->Same kinds of outfits and shots from years ago that -->don’t dare to stray from brand colors (GASP!)

-->Same marketing message over and over.

-->Same programs relaunched in the same exact way

-->Same selfies with the same backgrounds

And this goes for the badasses making the mega moolah, too! The 7-figure coaches and entrepreneurs. It’s like they’ve committed to a certain “look”, and continue to use more expensive versions of it. But the energy of it is so effing STALE!

And it creates energetic dissonance.

Because how we show up outwardly, if we desire to be ALIGNED, is meant to be a match for who we are INWARDLY.

So if you’ve done a shit-ton of work on yourself, grown as a person, created an AH-MAZING life for yourself, reached income goals you never thought possible and totally transformed ON THE INSIDE…


Then why in the EFF would you continue to wear the same ol’ shite you used to wear THREE VERSIONS of you ago?! Seriously.

Stop for a minute and think about Madonna! Every single one of her “phases” reflected who she was at that time. From her big bows and jelly bracelets in her early years…

To her her blonde pixie androgynous “who’s that girl?” phase…

To her patch-wearing Madame X persona today.

There’s always a common thread - we know it’s MADONNA, STYLE ICON. But, how it presents has evolved more times than we can count.

Everything is connected. Evolution includes all of who we are.

And, I mean, if the “biz up front, party in the back” MULLET can go from painfully outdated...to becoming the #ModernMullet that graces the pages of Vogue and zee runway (look it up!), what’s your excuse, dahling!!!

#EvolveOrDie #themulletliveson #BeTheICON

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are\

Air kisses,