This shit is NOT cute...


💄 To wake up in yesterday’s makeup (again) because you decided to not wash your face before bed

👗 To wear the same outfit three days in-a-row (and even sleeping in it!) cuz you can’t be bothered

👩‍🎤 To self-deprecate because you’re wearing something stained or ripped (again) while at home and out and about cuz, well, #momlife or #workfromhomelife

📸 To suddenly turn into an effing ninja at the grocery store because you see someone you know and you do NOT want them to see you “looking like this” at any cost, so you’d rather avoid the shit out of them

👠 To have a closet full of pieces you actually LOVE with the tags still on because, “what’s the point? I’m at home all day anyway!”

I’ve been there, done that! Yup, I had a whole thing involving a gray poncho that I wore to effing death, made me feel like shit, even though I laughed it off.


So, I know firsthand, it’s quite the opposite, lovely. It’s unbecoming to ICONIC You.

As within, so without. If you’re neglecting yourself on the outside, signs point to you may not feel worthy or deserving on the inside.

And everytime you catch a glimpse of yourself, you’re unhappy with the person you see because you know that’s not the *real* you...

And let’s be honest, how many effing OPPORTUNITIES that could help build your EMPIRE are you missing out on by creeping in the shadows?!

Your version of that gray poncho will keep you hidden and small!!

Now, I’m not saying that you have to be all gussied up and decked out, wearing designer and a full face of makeup in order to present as “worthy”. Nope.

What I am saying though, is that if you’re depriving yourself of time, attention, energy, beauty, self-love, intention and affection on a regular basis… then you are being neglected by the most important person in your life. You.

So you can continue to hide behind your computer screen, frump out, and avoid engaging with your world...and laugh and giggle and think you’re so rebellious and smart and such a badass for “not caring”.

But all you’re doing is tricking yourself into believing it doesn’t mean anything or matter.

When (not even that) deep down, you know it 100000% does.

Because you’re an ICON… if only you would allow yourself to dress, act, show up like it.


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//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

Air kisses,