Everything you know about STYLE is keeping you from your ICON



1.) When you dress + show up as your most ICONIC Self, please be warned that it will trigger, offend, “raise suspicions” and put people on high alert. And I’m talking those you’re closest to.

Why? Because they’ve never known you as the confident, powerful, fierce ICON you are now, and it can feel intimidating. Also, you become this gorgeous mirror for parts of themselves *they* want to express and aren’t. And that shit stings.

And though it is the opposite of fun, it’s just part of the gig and an ICON always knows how to roll with it.

2.) You will become (according to my alchemical calculations) approximately 77710238 times more magnetic, intoxicating, irresistible…

Which means you get a shit-ton more attention, interest, people coming out of the woodwork like effing presto! change-o! magic, like dream boat clients!! Oh, and definitely cha-ching, more money!!!

And it can feel overwhelming to be in the spotlight at first, but FLASH! You get used to it, ICON!!! Cuz that’s where you’re meant to be!

3.) You’ll say YES to shit that feels scary as fook, that stretches the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of you...because you know you have to.

Yes to clothes that aren’t on sale and that fit like they were made for you. Yes to experiences that meet your ICONIC standards. Yes to mentoring and support that will help you get to the next level, and then the next, and the next… Even if you can’t wrap your noggin around how the money will come in or what’s next! Again, you just know you have to.

Are you hanging out in the uncomfy (AND, oh-so-magical) ICONICsphere?!?!?!

*Image from Pinterest

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are\

Air kisses,


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