Here’s what IT FACTOR really is…


Every ICON has that je ne sais quoi - that secret ingredient - that IT factor - that nobody can quite put their finger on.

Think Mr. Bowie, Debra Harry, Erin O’Connor, Grace Jones, St. Vincent...

It's because it's created through ALCHEMY!

It's literally MAGIC and ART, and who can logically explain those two?!

Not me.

Here’s zee scoop though::

I’m not interested in helping you be “on trend” or “dress for your body type” or “look professional”.

My mission and passion is to help you BE ICONIC.

To turn your je ne sais quoi / IT Factor / secret ingredient WAY the eff UP UP UP. To amplify the shit out of it.

And you can’t do that by looking like everyone else and following the rules. (Please refer back to the ICONs above…) Why would you even *want* to? You’ve always known you were unlike anyone else. #admitit

So, how do I help women from around the world transmute into their ICON, and transform every area of their lives as a result? How do I help them create this MAGIC + ART if it’s not logical?


By guiding them back to that part of themselves they’ve been resisting, rejecting, pushing down, oppressing…and ultimately setting it free. That part that’s in the background tap-dancing, waving its arms and screaming at the top of its lungs like Ginger and Mrs. Howell from “Gilligan’s Island” desperate to be acknowledged and seen by the helicopter overhead!!!!!


See, everyone expresses outwardly (visually + energetically) with two of the five ELEMENTs (AIR, WATER, FIRE, EARTH, SPACE). If you feel shut down, invisible, unseen, and like something is off or missing, then chances are one of your two ELEMENTs is feeling like Ginger + Mrs. Howell above. UNSEEN. UNHEARD. INVISIBLE. STRANDED.

Dude, it’s like folding up an entire (MEGA vital part) of yourself and locking it in a trunk. And putting it in a closet. In the attic. And padlocking the door.

When you discover, embrace and LIBERATE both of your ELEMENTs...

When you understand how they work together...

When you acknowledge the one that has been neglected/rejected and make it feel welcome and in harmony with the other again so it can take its rightful place in your energetic makeup….

Everything changes.

Then the two work together to create SYNERGY and amplify your presence and magnetism.

This = breathtakingly ICONIC!

This is the super secret thread that links every ICON, including you.

Ready to unleash yours unto the world?! Hit me with a PM and let’s discuss the perfect ICONIC experience for you!!!

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//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

Air kisses,