BE ICONIC spending $0


1. Stop giving a flying fook about what others wear, what they think is cool or appropriate or stylish, and just do your own thang.

Clients who do this say they're afraid of judgment or seeming like they "think they're better" than everyone else, which can lead to rejection. They're afraid of standing out too much and outshining others who perhaps don't shine as brightly (because THEY don’t choose to!). They're afraid of being attention hogs or "too much" and scaring people they love or potential clients, etc. away. Does this strike a chord?


2. Start treating your closet like a magical treasure trove of possibilities. Play, put things together in whacky, unexpected new ways and optimize the shit out of what you have right now instead of wishing and waiting.

Women who reach out to work with me often think that in order to be ICONIC and feel amazing and stylish, they need to start from scratch. They don't have enough in their closet or that everything they have is all wrong. They feel clueless and stumped because when the do try to put things together to match the vision and energy they want to express, it gets lost in translation and rarely if ever matches the intention they had. Sound like you?!

3. Remember today matters. Today is a special occasion. Today deserves for you to show up for it...YOU deserve to show up for yourself. Don’t let it become a wasted opportunity.

A lot of my beautiful clients are often waiting until they lose weight, or make a certain amount of money, or get that call to be on TV. They think that all that matters right now is the structures, and making money, and getting straight-up biz coaching. They're concerned with keeping up the story of, "I'm not enough, my life's not that exicting" or even, "it's superficial to care about how I look and show long as my work is amazing, who cares how I dress (even if I secretly YEARN to express through my clothes and show my uniqueness on the outside!" Does this one sting?!

It’s YOUR time to BE your most ICONIC Self, amIright?!?!? Wanna know more about *how* to finally amplify into her?! Hit reply, m’lady and let’s tawk!

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//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are\

Air kisses,


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