You will remain stuck...

You keep denying that ONE part of you…

You can read the books, create a beautiful website, make pretty social media graphics, have that photo-shoot…

But if you’re not 100000% on-board with ALL of who you are - every nook-n-cranny of yourself - none of it will matter. None of it will move your forward or get you to the place you desire to be. Not in a magical, meaningful and quantum-leapy way, anyway!

Because people won’t actually be seeing/reading/receiving YOU in your entirety. They’ll be getting a washed-out, watered-down, abridged version. And who wants that?!

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And I know… you’re probably rolling your eyes all like, “Uh, just *how* do I even know what I’m hiding and how do I begin to SHOW it?!”

Well, m’lady, lemme tell you: It’s about knowing and EMBRACING the shit out of your TWO ELEMENTS.

Yes, I’m talking AIR, WATER, FIRE, EARTH, SPACE.

See, everyone leads with TWO of the ELEMENTS to create the unique visual imprint of their ESSENCE.

However, it can often feel dangerous to OWN them both, so we tend to default to the one that feels safest. When that happens, it’s like keeping part of yourself packed away up in the energetic attic. And it can leave you feeling like something is missing or off...but you can’t quite put your finger on what that might be.

Do you ever feel like that?

Like one client has a HUGE vision and DREAM, but has been defaulting to her EARTH by making grounded, risk-free decisions in order to keep herself stable and supported.

And that’s good, we want stability and support! Here’s the thang though: that VISION and DREAM need to be fueled by the FIRE that she has been ignoring.

Why? Because it feels dangerous and sexy and mysterious!!! But it’s that exact FIRE that, if given its rightful place, will provide the PASSION + DRIVE necessary to get her ideas out of her noggin and into the world!! It will propel her into the spotlight of her life!!

You feel me?! And it’s that *same* FIRE that will IGNITE her magnetism by working in harmony with her EARTH to create delicious outfits that amplify her energy and send her ESSENCE into the world like the most deliciously intoxicating bat signal ever.

This is ICONIC shit I’m talkin’ about here.

What parts of yourself have you been shutting of, dimming down, folding, DENYING?!

Can you imagine how much easier, fun and passion-fueled your life would be if you just stopped resisting the parts of yourself that scare you most?! #magic

Time to let your ICON come out and rule your world!!

If this is speaking to you, send me a hit reply so we can chat! I’d lololove to create a bespoke experience for you if we’re a perfect match!!! <3

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

Air kisses,