What are you telling yourself with how you dress???


There are MANY ways you can keep the “I AM NOT WORHTY” story going… How you choose to dress is one of them!

If you -

Wear only whatever’s handy, even if it’s worn out, ripped, stretched and frumpy, you’re dressing in unworthiness.

Put together AMAZING outfits and get a shit-ton of compliments...and don’t feel like yourself when you look in the mirror, you’re dressing unworthiness.


Only buy and wear things you got on sale, even if you don’t actually love them, you’re dressing in unworthiness.

Use clothes to hide or camouflage parts of your body, you’re dressing in unworthiness.

Wear things you think your partner, parents, friends, colleagues, family, etc. will approve of, even if you feel like you’d choose something totally different if you knew they wouldn’t comment or judge, you’re dressing in unworthiness.

Are you getting this? How are YOU using your clothes to tell yourself you’re unworthy?

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

Air kisses,


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