Do you practice Sacred Adornment?

How you dress is part of your spiritual practice...are you treating it that way?

Are you using what you choose to wear as a magical tool to help you BE who you desire to be and truly express yourself?! Or are you just going through the motions and neglecting your sacred beauty + adornment?!

What you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body – clothes matter.


Nope, I don’t mean following the latest trend, buying certain brands, avoiding alleged faux pas, or getting all gussied up in outfits that feel like you’re in disguise (in a misaligned way that doesn’t feel good)…

I mean feeling energetically supported and more vibrantly and unabashedly YOU, no matter what the register or context!

When you put attention, intention and affection on the act of slipping into your energetic catsuit (tee hee), it changes everything.

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//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

Air kisses,



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