Oh, I *wish* I could wear that...

Do you have style envy and wish you could wear certain styles you see?

Tell me one thing you see other people wearing that you’d LOVE to wear but feel like you can’t.

For whatever reason. Maybe you literally can’t wear heels anymore because of back pain. Maybe your company doesn’t allow you to wear miniskirts.

But you feel CALLED to this style when you see it on others.

Hit reply and let me know what that is and let’s see if we can find a version that lights you up AND works with your situation!

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

Air kisses,



P.S. Are you DONE with your commitment to being invisible, playing small and not STANDING OUT like you know you're meant to? ICON, you know it's time for you to finally SHOW UP on the stage of your life! Why not do it in a mystery chateau in the South of France with 6 other total badasses?! 🏰🦄👑⚡️

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If you’re ready to -

→ Actually FEEL what it’s like to be in the flow of your most ICONIC Self for 5 straight days

→ Connect with the most badass kindred spirits and become part of a forever sacred sisterhood

→ Claim your ICONICness and embody the shit out of it, and take that energy home with you to infuse into your life and biz

→ Finally understand YOUR unique style and use it to express your essence from the inside-out

→ Be surrounded by luxury, beauty, and the highest of frequencies, in a stunning medieval chateau

→ Receive support, cheerleading, unconditional love, acceptance, energy shifts, an entirely new way of BEing You…

Then this may just be for you, m’lady!

This experience includes:

<3 Three months of group mentorship with your fellow ICONIC 7 sisters plus 1:1 time with me to help you start living your most ICONIC Self before landing in France! We kick off in May!

<3 4 Full days of ICONIC Chateau living, including delicious gourmet food, local wines and local treasure hunts and adventures!

<3 Energy work, healing, light coding...everything you need to step through the portal into your most ICONIC Self!

<3 Shopping, dancing, runway show magic, silliness and shenanigans!

<3 A conceptual photo-shoot directed by moi, after being pampered and getting your hair + makeup done, of course!

This *will* change you!

Applications are being accepted now! There are only 7 spots and doors closet in a few short weeks, so if this is speaking to you, head here to learn more and set up a time to chat!!!