How to create a manifesting outfit

Wanna boost your vibe with your clothes and switch on your magnetism?! Here’s how!

3 Steps To Choose A Dress-To-Manifest Outfit!

1.) Forget what you have going on today, it’s all about how you want to FEEL! When you go to your closet to get dressed, take a deep breath and literally ask, “how do I want to feel today?” And see what comes up!

2.) Reach for things intuitively (which feels random!) instead of using your brain. Your intuition - or, inner knowing - has all the info you need to create a look that really supports you energetically. Your brain kinda gets in the way of your most kick-ass style!


3.) Don’t allow yourself to judge! Simply ask if your outfit is creating the feeling you want to create, or if something needs to b shifted or changed. Make it about getting close to the feeling, rather than about judgment and focusing on what you perceive as being wrong with you or the outfit.


Doesn’t this feel so much lighter and more fun than a bunch of rules and self-bashing?!! :)

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

Air kisses,