More style = more $$$

Yes, how you’re choosing to dress is directly impacting your bottom line!


You can work on your money blocks, take marketing classes, hire experts and delegate to your VA like a mofo… But nothing will actually change until you change who you are BEing and the way you SHOW UP in your life.

The way you’re showing up right now IS the reason you’re not hitting your income goals. It’s the missing piece.

If you want to uplevel your life and business, then stepping into your ICONIC Self is (gulp) mandatory! It’s vital. A total must.

Because in order to truly be in alignment, your outside + energy + presence MUST match the amazing achievements you’ve seen in your business and all the work you’ve done on yourself.

This means how you’re choosing to dress when you work from home, travel, work with your clients.

It means the thoughts you’re having about yourself and your self-image when you look in the mirror.

It means intentionally selecting the people and things you’re surrounding yourself with every day.

Because all of these layers add up to create your life.

Getting to the next level on your magical life journey means BEing ICONIC To The Core!! This is how you reach true alignment.

I’ve got 3 spots open for my ICONIC To The Core 4-month 1:1 experience!!! I only offer this a couple of times a year, and spots fill up FAST!!

This is for badass women who are committed to upleveling and upgrading like a mofo!


What’s included:

  • A 3-hour deep dive to discover what your ICONIC legacy is, your desires, your current obstacles… We’ll also play in your closet to take stock of what resonates and what doesn’t, what needs to be brought in to help you dress and show up in a way you love, effortlessly. (Value: $5,000)

  • Weekly or biweekly calls (I know you’ve got a lot going on, so we adapt to your schedule and what feels good for you) (Value: $5,000)

  • Access to me between sessions - if you’re shopping and need some advice or support, if you’re traveling and want the perfect capsule wardrobe in your suitcase, if you’re speaking on stage or doing an art exhibition. I’m there to support you! (Value: $2,000)

  • Energy work and light activations to help you transition into your most ICONIC self (Value: $3,500)

  • A monthly accessories suite curated by me here in France, mailed to your doorstep (4 total) (Value: $1,500)

  • Custom style boards with amazingly YOU pieces that you can click and shop on (Value: $1,000)

Duuuude, over $18,000 in magic for $6,000!!! Srsly :) And payment plans are also available!

If you’re ready to BE the woman you’ve been daydreaming about, hit REPLY now or PM me on Facebook so we can chat!!!

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

Air kisses,


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