Wanna taste of #ChateauLife?

This is the event your Inner ICON has been craving...

It’s here!! The Be The ICON//An Electric Ascension is happening in October, 2019 and I have started to call in The ICONIC 7!!!

If you’re ready to -

→ Actually FEEL what it’s like to be in the flow of your most ICONIC Self for 5 straight days

→ Connect with the most badass kindred spirits and become part of a forever sacred sisterhood

→ Claim your ICONICness and embody the shit out of it, and take that energy home with you to infuse into your life and biz

→ Finally understand YOUR unique style and use it to express your essence from the inside-out

→ Be surrounded by luxury, beauty, and the highest of frequencies, in a stunning medieval chateau

→ Receive support, cheerleading, unconditional love, acceptance, energy shifts, an entirely new way of BEing You…

Then this may just be for you, m’lady!

This experience includes:

❤️ Four months of group mentorship with your fellow ICONIC 7 sisters plus 1:1 time with me to help you start living your most ICONIC Self before landing in France!

❤️ 4 Full days of ICONIC Chateau living, including delicious gourmet food, local wines and local treasure hunts and adventures!

❤️ Energy work, healing, light coding...everything you need to step through the portal into your most ICONIC Self!

❤️ Shopping, dancing, runway show magic, silliness and shenanigans!

❤️ A conceptual photo-shoot directed by moi, after being pampered and getting your hair + makeup done, of course!

This *will* change you!

Applications are being accepted now! There are only 7 spots and doors closet in a few short weeks, so if this is speaking to you, head here to learn more and set up a time to chat!!!


Air kisses,