This changed her life...

Wanna be ICONIC all year long?!

ICONIC badasses like you are effing LOVING my new ICONIC 365: Style Alchemy for All Seasons experience! What is it, you ask?!

Check out what beautiful Dani T had to say about it just a few days ago…

Click on the image to read more…

Click on the image to read more…

I've created it to help you OWN the shit outta your style in 2019 and beyoooond! To stay connected and remember that you’re an ICON the entire year

It includes:

A 1:1 closet session where we discover your Elements + create some new outfits using what you have

4 Couture Collections - one per quarter (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). Each Collection includes:

❤️ A custom board with pieces for the season that you can click on to purchase, or just use as inspiration!!

❤️ A gift box with an accessories suite selected by moi for your Elements, sent to you every season!!!

Full pay is $997USD for the year!! Or you can do four monthly payments of $290USD. Spots are almost gone, so get on it if it’s making your ticker siiing! Hit reply to get started!! Again, spots are extremely limited, so git on it if it’s a HELLZ YEAH! <3

Air kisses,