I was a weekend weirdo...


When you could just be ICONIC You instead…


I remember when I was about 12, longing to dress in all black🖤🖤 and totally goth out like a mofo. Just openly adore The Cure and wear creepers and my angsty intensity and flamboyance all day, ery’day 💁‍♀️. All the black and mesh and lace…


Yet was petrified to do it at school 😱. So there, I’d wear my invisibility cloak of safeness: jeans, plain t-shirt and tennis shoes 👕👖👟 with a ponytail. And it felt so frustrating to see other kids expressing 🌟 what they desired to (or seemed to, at least!) while I hid out for fear of being made fun of 😔 or called out for being a wannabe.

But internally I was bursting, and I needed an outlet.

So I became a WEEKEND WEIRDO✊🏼. I’d sport my full gothy regalia (or other extravagant looks I had the urge to put together!) at the Villa Italia Mall. And I’d strut my stuff and own the shit💁‍♀️💃🏽out of it as people stared. And it felt so mega exciting when someone from school would walk by and not even recognize me. EEEE!🤩🤩

(📸 I just found this photographic proof at my mom’s during my visit! #perfecttiming)

That’s how big the difference was. Because who they saw – or actually, barely noticed – at school, was not ❌ the same badass 💥 they were walking by at zee mall. In a way, it was like living a double life 👥, or keeping up two identities.

⏩ Fast-forward to when I started my business a few years ago…I was totally pulling this WEEKEND WEIRDO shit again! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Playing dress-up and pushing style boundaries offline, and totally watering myself down online to seem “credible” and not rock the boat or make anyone uncomfy. Just like I did in my formative years.

Let’s just say that didn’t work for getting clients or getting my message out there. At all. In fact, crickets. 🦗


It’s when I finally start letting my WEEKEND WEIRDO 🐠 just take over the entire show that I became ICONIC.💎

And started showing up FULLY in all my TECHNICOLOR! 🌈💎

✅No editing. ✅No censoring when I can or can’t/should or shouldn’t. ✅No compartmentalizing and feeling scattered and sacrificing slices of myself depending on the context.

And it was *then* that people started coming to ME out of nowhere, knowing they needed to work with me, excited and happy to pay,☺️ oh-so ready to become their own version of ICONIC. #currentreality #newnormal

Where are YOU editing how you show up or only telling half of the story? 🚶‍♀️ Are you showing your WEIRD and QUIRKY online in carefully selected photos and showing up in an invisibility cloak in your day-to-day life? Or are you more “out there” #IRL, and showing us a tamer, more “palatable” version of yourself here on Planet Social Media?

It’s safe and amazing to be ALL ICONIC ALL THE TIME! 💎💎Give me an ICONIC gify if you agree!

//You are not some glossy print… Show up as the one-of-a-kind Art you are.

Air kisses,


P.S. I have spots open for my 1:1 experiences as well as the Je Suis ICONIQUE group experience in May! Hit reply if you’re into it and want to know more! <3