Please stop the photo-shoot DIY-ing!

3 Reasons To Do An ICONIC Photo-Shoot With Me (instead of just hiring a photographer and “winging it”) 📸👩‍🎤


👗💁🏼‍♀️✨ 1.) I have an ability to scan each and every one of my clients and click into the part of them they’re not expressing - aka, the missing ELEMENT (AIR, WATER, FIRE, EARTH, SPACE) that they’ve been keeping under wraps. We bring this forward during your shoot, which means you’re expressing your ENTIRE ESSENCE in everything you wear, how you move, and in every photo. And that shit’s irresistible. And I’m there for the entire process, guiding you, cheering you on and directing the photographer as well as your hair + makeup artists! #ICONICStyling #CodedOutfits

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💄🔮 2.) You don’t know what you don’t know, and you can’t see what you can’t see. Enter moi! I ask the questions, and create the container you need to finally GET you, your personal brand, and how to express yourself effortlessly and authentically. I help you take the feelings and clues that have been swirling around in you, and make them materialize through your outfits, selecting the spot-on photographer, make-up, hair, locations, mood board. So you can step into the experience FIERCELY and CONFIDENTLY! #CreativeConcept #ArtDirection

From Isabelle’s photo-shoot in Paris! Styling + Art Direction by Eyenie.

From Isabelle’s photo-shoot in Paris! Styling + Art Direction by Eyenie.

🦸🏼‍♀️👠🌟 3.) Your nuances matter. I’m not interested in putting you in some box, or making you fit neatly into a certain category. I know, and understand that you are full of paradoxes, layers, complexities, contradictions and subtleties. And one of my superpowers is interpreting those for you and helping you express them by carefully selecting accessories, shoes, or garments to create landscapes that tell a story about YOU, your mission, your uniqueness and your ESSENCE! And yes, it may involve wearing a shirt up-side-down to become a strange pair of pants. Or cutting a dress and turning it inside-out. Or using items from the hardware store. #AllHappened It’s about being a perfect match for your ENERGY and what you want to express.

BONUS: You’ll be fooooking UNCOPIABLE!!! Your essence and ICONICness will shine through so brightly, there’ll be no mistaking them for anyone else’s but YOURS! ❤️⭐⭐

Are you ready for The Photo-Shoot to end all photo-shoots?! The one that will *finally* allow you to OWN how fooking ICONIC you actually are?! Let’s talk!
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//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are\

Air kisses,