*THIS* is how you sell out your packages!


#legasp 😱😱

Everyone is meant to express visually with TWO ELEMENTs, which play + work together to create your Style.Essence.

✨ Everything is energy. And if your unique Style.Essence isn’t claimed + activated, it’s only a matter of time before your followers and clients smell that shit from multiverses away, and no longer resonate with you… Cuz, #EnergeticDisonanceIsReal

And then thangs can get stagnant... 😑

Experiencing any of these?

1. 🤥 You’ve Kinda Been Faking It...Ok, mega real-talk: you’ve been feigning some of your confidence and ok-with-self-ness. You absolutely know how to talk the talk and believe you’re the shit *some* of the time; but when it comes to FULLY fucking BEING the confident ICON, something’s off and it isn’t clicking completely. And so you dress in a way that keeps you invisible, safe and dimmed down and even frumpy! #workoutclothes #rattyjeansandhoody Because, nobody can see you in your day-to-day, afterall, so who cares, right?!. Despite your MASSIVE success, you still really really want to be loved and liked as much as possible because that's how you’re used to having people fall in love with you! Your likability has always been your crutch, and dressing as a badass would put that in jeopardy. This creates DISTORTION because it’s not the whole truth or the whole story… And your people can FEEL it, and it’s keeping them from signing up because: How can they be a HELL YEAH about you if you’re not a HELL YEAH about yourself?!

2. 🤐 You’re Hiding An Entire Part of Yourself.You are actually one badass, fierce and fiery mamma jamma! You’re spunky and plucky and have a strong and even irreverent side that wants to come out to play!! But, you don’t fully believe you could actually make even MORE money and have more of an impact by showing ALL OF YOURSELF!!!And yes, that BADASSness comes through in your (mostly written) words a lot of the time, but falls flat when you add a photo of yourself or do a video because you’re not fully on-board with yourself, and how can you be when you're not being exactly who you are? It's awkward. And you can only get so far operating in this way (aka, avoiding Your ICONIC Self!)

3. 🥴 You Think You Need Fixing.You might think you’re still not spiritual enough, and that you have to keep investing in different modalities and healings to achieve the next level of enlightenment before your income grows more. Or that if you go to the gym or change your diet, you’ll finally feel more confident + beautiful. And then you’ll be able to wear outfits you love and show up more fully in your business and share more of your personality.You feel like you need to find an external solution to finally feel AMAZING and like the ICON you know you are.

Here’s the scoop though, toots - if you continue to ignore that part of you you’ve been avoiding, there will always be a void there. Because what’s been missing all along is INSIDE OF YOU. 🎉👩‍🎤

🗣️🗣️ I mean, haven’t you heard it SCREAMING at you?!

Let’s get you fully expressed, badass, and take your biz, visibility and confidence to the next level!!! I SEE YOU and your Style.Essence already! I see the energies within you and how they’re yearning to work and play together to enhance + amplify how you show up. I see what's missing and the easy tweaks that would change so much for you!!! 💫👯‍♀️

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//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are\

Air kisses,