*THIS* is how you sell out your packages!


8 months in advance.

Before even announcing it publically 🗣️


✨ Everything is ENERGY.

ICONIC = A Frequency.

We’re at our most ICONIC when we know, understand, embrace and EXPRESS our ESSENCE. I’ve seen it in my clients, and in myself. Still blows my effing mind! 💁‍♀️🤯

It’s AMAZING what happens when you discover your two ELEMENTs and simply let them work FOR you, support you, carry you to your effortlessly full-expressed state! 💃🏻

I’m AIR + SPACE. 🌬️🌌

Because I’m so close to my AIR and communicate with it regularly (through how I dress, how I move through the world, through how I MARKET!), I know that my AIR loves sparkle, razzle-dazzle, adventure and all things exciting and new!!! Kisch, glitz, clamour, camp - BRANG IT! 💎💫

And SPACE is the part of me that needs mystery and luxury and magic and mysticism and cosmic transformation!! It craves uniqueness and otherworld-liness. 🔮

So, when the ‘Je SUIS ICONIQUE’ group experience in Paris came to me, it was electrifying because it satisfied ALL of these requirements that I know I have for something to be a FOOK YEAH! #GoTeamELEMENTs ⚡️

🌈 And I just knew I had to take some NEON action!!


That FOOK YEAH excitement prompted me to reach out to a select group of beloved women and talk about the experience in a totally aligned way that made it IRRESISTIBLE to them.

The majority of them said YES. ✅✅

Which means, 3 of the 6 available spots have been claimed.

Easy peasy. Just like that, yo.

Easy peasy. Just like that, yo. 👯‍♀️

And this is the first time I’m actually talking about it in public.

Yes, knowing your ELEMENTs informs what you wear and how you put clothing together (aka, Style.Essence)...

But it informs SO much more!

🎉 It all goes back to SELF-EXPRESSION.

When you express FREELY and AUTHENTICALLY, it shows. It pours out of you like an ICONIC Bat Signal. 👑

Your ELEMENTs set you free and allow you to do this effortlessly, and it comes through like a mofo in how you talk, how you share, your marketing, and the energy you EXUDE in everything you do!!

💥✨ Wanna know how to master the shit out of YOUR ELEMENTs from the inside-out, and get ICONIC results in your biz? PM me!! :D

Ooh, and interested in grabbing one of the remaining spots for Paris in May?! Hit me up, m’lady!! <3

Are you ready for The Photo-Shoot to end all photo-shoots?! The one that will *finally* allow you to OWN how fooking ICONIC you actually are?! Let’s talk!

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//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are\

Air kisses,