She finally became HERSELF (B&A photos!)

Time to start breaking the rules and saying EFF YOU to the fears


Are you allowing the way you dress to energetically block you from your flow?!

Even if you dress beautifully and have kick-ass taste, if it’s off, then your energy is off.

Are you doing the buttoned-up and professional thang when you actually want to just let yourself RUN FREE?!


Are you playing it safe and staying neat and polished for fear of unleashing your FIRE and charisma?!

Maybe you’re afraid of being “too much” or “too visible” or “too in-your-face” so you keep your mystery and FIERCENESS under wraps?!

Time to stop that shit!!! Cuz, look at what happens when you stop resisting yourself, and ease into your true nature!!! FOOK YEAH.


<3 Photos: @Kelly Atwood Before photo (on left, prior to our work together). After photo (on right, in Paris during her Be The ICON Adventure with me, expressing her Style.Essence!!!)

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