Please BE ALL of it...

You don’t have to choose when it comes to how you show up!

This one goes out to those whip-smart badasses out there who roll their eyes at fashion and style and glamour and fluff and rainbows and unicorns...while secretly yearning to have more of it in your lives!! (I used to do the same ;) )

Please remember - 


You can be smart AND super positive.
You can be smart AND love fluffy silly light stuff.
You can be smart AND be a quaintrelle.
You can be smart AND get really excited and giddy and actually show it.
You can be smart AND care about how you dress and feeling super stylish (on your terms).
You can be ALL OF IT!!

My experience has been that the most intelligent people know they don’t neatly fit into any box, and that they’re complex and uncategorizable. Can I get a HOLLAH?!
#dresstomanifest #style=energy

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are.

Air kisses,