Love yourself when it feels hard to do

Are you putting conditions on when you deserve self-love?? 


Unconditional self-love is about loving the shit outta yourself when you nail it… 

And (most importantly!!) loving the shit outta yourself when you don’t.

Yesterday, I went to train with my kick-ass mind/body magician, and it didn’t go as planned. 


The program she created for me on the track was similar to what I’ve been doing, but it triggered some major resistance and “not gah do it” in me, and my body totally shut down. Instead of running on the track (like I have been for weeks now!), I basically shuffled most of the time, ha! I couldn’t get my temple or noggin on board, so we cut the session short.

Was it my best moment? No. 
Was that my desired outcome? Nope. 
Did I blow shit up and make myself feel like a total badass. Nuh-uh. 

However, not once did I talk shit about myself or cut myself down. I celebrated with my beautiful trainer that I showed up, was willing to do what she asked of me to the best of my ability in that moment, and trusted that it was all happening *for* my benefit. Boom. (BTW, this would have 19395757% been the opposite a few short years ago, m’lady!)

Beautiful effing progress!!!

I wanna hear about the last time you loved yourself like a mofo, unconditionally!!! 

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are.

Air kisses,

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