You’re too unique for conventional “styling”

This is what makes Style Alchemy different from more traditional/conventional styling approaches...


Style = Energy. I help avant-garde, unconventional women to tap into this energy and express it from the inside-out to create instant transformation, magic and a whole new vibration. It’s what I call Style Alchemy!


→ Having someone give you a bunch of rules about what to wear or not wear based on your size, shape, age, gender, hair color, etc.
→ Being limited to certain things you “should” wear to hide or camouflage things based on your “body type” or whatever other category you’ve been placed into
→ Feeling limited to certain colors or tones based on your “season” or “complexion”
→ Following trends (in fashion or your specific industry) or trying to fit in and look how one is “supposed” to look when they are in the same profession as you
→ Dressing for approval and accolades, aka, dressing for others instead of yourself
→ Having someone dress you according to their point of view, opinions and limiting beliefs

If this feels good to you, git it and do your thang!!



→ Discovering your elements (air, water, fire, earth, space) and how they translate visually to create outfits that are in energetic alignment
→ Embracing and celebrating your truest nature and ESSENCE in an open, creative, playful way that evolves and expands as you do
→ Using self-adornment as a tool for creating MAGIC, MAGNETISM and SYNERGY via self-expression
→ Breaking all the rules and stepping into YOURSELF, so you can show up effortlessly
→ Creating a closet full of possibilities, ease, grace and FUN
→ Making how you dress about YOU instead of trends and rules and outside opinions

See? Style = ENERGY! 

Say, “STYLE ALCHEMY” if you agree! 


Air kisses,

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