What you wear at home matters MORE than what you wear outside of the house… GASP!


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: What you wear when you’re at home alone working matters just as much - if not MORE - than what you wear when you go out and see/interact with others.

I know this may feel totally counterintuitive and hard to receive, but here’s why -

🦄 Let’s face it, if you work from home, you’re there WAY more than you are anywhere else, right? And the way you choose to dress is either contributing to what you desire to achieve and bring into your life...or not. So every day you hang out in yesterday’s stained outfit cuz you’re “just working” and nobody else will see you is a wasted opportunity to keep your vibe HIGH and feel how you wanna feel. 


👗 Even if nobody else sees you, YOU see yourself! You spend time with yourself. And you deserve the best, don’t you? You deserve to catch glimpses of yourself in the mirror that communicate, “I matter enough to myself to wear something I love, put on some tinted moisturizer and do something intentional with my hair!” It’s about showing up for YOURSELF, even when nobody else is looking.

💄 Pretty much 100% of my clients have mentioned at one point or another how much more confident and happy and enthusiastic they feel when they give their outfit intention and love what they have on (whether it’s ultra casual, edgy or glam dressed up or down). They are more creative, inspired, productive, likely to reach out to potential clients, spread their message, make art… because it’s an ENERGY thing, you see?

So next time you try to neglect yourself by wearing something shabby, frumpy, boring or out of alignment, snap yourself out of it and CHOOSE something different! It will make soooo much of a difference! 

#dresstomanifest #styleisenergy

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

Air kisses,


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