I’m SO effing OVER IT

You know what I’m totally over?

You thinking you’re not enough of a priority to have 10 extra minutes in the morning to get ready for the day, or to buy new clothes that fit and feel WOW.

You deciding you’re not ____ enough to deserve wearing things you really effing want to wear.

You being too afraid of making your husband/sister/friends/parents/kids/co-workers/insert person(s) here uncomfortable to wear shit that’s 100000% YOU!

You believing you’re going to steal someone else’s spotlight or thunder or attention by showing up full-throttle from the inside-out.

You rejecting, defecting, refusing to receive attention, compliments, eyes on you by dressing in a way that keeps you invisible and feeling frumpy.


You hiding from your DREAMBOAT IDEAL clients, patrons, fans - the people who frick fracking NEED you - because you think you’re too much.

Dude, it’s so mega time to stop that shit, stat and just allow yourself to stand out as the avant-garde, unconventional badass you are!

If you’re over it and truly ready to just CLAIM who you are and show up stylishly (whatever that looks like for YOU) and finally stand out and get really fucking VISIBLE, then I have just the thing for you… The Quantum Style + Visibility Makeover! Check it out here - https://www.technicolorpriestess.com/quantum-style-makeover

Air kisses,