Upping Your Style Game In The HEAT

5 Simple Ways To Jooj Your Look, Even When It’s Mega Hottt Outside!!


Lovely, just because Summer has hit (depending on what part of the world you’re in - I’m writing this from France, where it’s BUH-LAZING!), doesn’t mean you have to wear less clothes and turn your style dial down! Nuh uh!

Taking your look to the next level is so effing easy, it’s just a matter of making the decision and going for it!

Here’s how you can jooj any look to raise it up to ICONIC -

1.) Loose clothing is your friend...but it doesn’t have to be frumpy or boring! Instead of reaching for the default sun or maxi dress, try some fun culottes and oversized shift or shirt dresses! Heck, you can even bust out some palazzo or ankle trousers.


2.) A little makeup goes a long way! When it feels like your face is melting off, you probably want to stay away from heavy foundation and powders. However, bright lipstick + waterproof mascara add instant gusto and hang tough, no matter how cray the heatwave.

3.) Keep a sweater or blazer with you. With air conditioning ery’where, you can pop that bad boy on your shoulders if you’re working at a coffee shop or running to the grocery store and look instantly like a chic Boss! Plus, you’ll just be way more comfortable if you’re not freezing your tuckus off!

4.) There’s more to life than flip-flops. I dig them as much as the next badass, but there are also espadrilles, loafers, boat shoes, ballet flats, platform tennis shoes, Converse… so many options. Play!

5.) Statement something! Bag, brooch, sunnies, suspenders, belt, necklace, earrings… Choose something that pops and shows your personality + energy and be all like, “I meant to wear this!”, which will elevate your look like a mofo!

Which of these speaks most to you, oh lovely ICON?!

Air kisses,

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