What to wear on your next sales call

What you wear on your sales conversations matters!


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What do you typically wear for conversations with potential clients, patrons and collaborators?!

(And, YES, it does matter even if you’re doing it via audio! Because everything is energy, and you want your vibe to be like ZIIIIING to be your most magnetic self!)

Here are some ideas on outfits that will work FOR you and your energy, lovey!

→ Blue blazer or shirt to support your throat chakra so you can speak your truth clearly
→ Earrings with an orange gemstone to support your solar plexus chakra for confidence


→ An indigo dress to support your third eye chakra so you can tap into your intuition
→ And a purple bracelet to support your crown chakra to connect more with the Universe and be in divine flow

Air kisses,

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