STOP Dressing For Others

*The* best way to achieve ICONIC style? Dress for YOURSELF!


5 SIGNS YOU’RE DRESSING FOR OTHERS (and what to do instead)

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1.) When you’re getting dressed to go somewhere, you think about who is going to be there and adjust your clothes to “match” their vibe and their taste.

Instead: Dress for YOURSELF! Feel into what YOU love, what makes you feel how you want to feel and OWN IT.

2.) You buy stuff you love but end up leaving it in your closet with the tags on and end up wearing the same stuff everyone has seen you in a million times instead.

Instead: Rip off the tags, lean into the fear and wear the eff out of it! Play, experiment, integrate it into your current wardrobe, no matter how outside your comfort zone it may be.

3.) You’re using clothes to appear a certain way or create an image or illusion.

Instead: Be authentic! Wear pieces that truly reflect who you are, where you want to go and what you stand for!

4.) You follow a strict set of rules handed down to you by your grandmother/mother/bff/husband/society, and you feel wrong when you don’t adhere to them.

Instead: FOOK the rules! Use clothes to feel how you want to feel and radiate what you want to radiate! Your new rule: there are no rules.

5.) You wear the latest trends and fashions and get compliments all the time...but feel bored and meh about your clothes. Something’s off.

Instead: Stop caring about the compliments and the approval you get, yo! Start expressing YOUR style, even if it means being less trendy and not getting approval. Authentic self-expression trumps approval any ol’ day!

Are you dressing for yourself or someone else??! Which one of these got you right in the kisser?!

Air kisses,


//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

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