Say it with me, “EFF THE RULES!”

Are you still getting tangled up in pesky-ass rules??


What rules are you following that are keeping you from PLAYING and EXPLORING and HAVING FUN with your clothes?!

Was it that one thing your grandmother taught you?

Or that list you read in a fashion magazine when you were a teenager?

Or that thing that one boy in college told you that made you totally stop wearing certain things?

(These are all true sources for some of the inspiration-deflating rules I used to follow!!)

When we’re busy following rules about something as inherently CREATIVE and ARTISTIC as style… something that is about SELF-EXPRESSION and your ESSENCE…

It totally forces us to push against our own nature (aka, your Style.Essence)! Ya dig?

If you’re attracted to a certain style of clothing over and over again but have learned/understood that it’s off limits for you, then you’re essentially depriving yourself of something that is in alignment with who you are!!

And that shit is bananas, right?!

dots and floral girl.jpg

Enter Pillar 4 of The 7 Pillars to Being ICONIC To The Core: I HAVE NO RULES!

When we release our attachment to rules in any area of our lives - including how we show up and dress - it allows us to lower the blinders and see things from a tooootally new and fresh perspective!!

This means more possibilities, more alignment, more high vibes and more BEING OPEN to magic you can’t even fathom! YAY!!!!

BEing ICONIC and how you dress and show up is about *way* more than just looking good. It’s about having the mindset + energetic foundation necessary to truly take yourself to the next level.

The actual transformation I support my clients with happens via The 7 Pillars, which then creates the outward stylish and MAGNETIC AF result!! BOOM!

So today, m’lady, I’d LOVE to hear about some of the rules you’ve been following (you may not have even been aware of them until now!) when it comes to how you dress.

Are you ready to start breaking them, STAT?! :D

Quick Tip - The next time you go to get dressed, as yourself, “What would I wear today if this were Day 1 of my life, and I had no rules or limiting beliefs around what I should or shouldn’t wear?!”

See what style magic you come up with!

Air kisses,


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//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

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