Instantly Elevate Your Style NOW

What’s holding YOU back from wearing what you desire?!


3 Ways To Instantly Elevate Your Personal Style

When I ask women what’s holding them back from dressing in a way that makes them feel ICONIC, the most frequent responses I get are:

Not enough money.
Not happy with body shape and/or size.
Too busy/no time for self.

Here’s the thing though (and yes, you may totally roll your eyes at me!) - the way you dress is part of your ESSENCE! And expressing that is as available as air to breathe!!

Which means that elevating your style and closing that gap between where you are now and where you desire to be is probably easier and more accessible than you might think. Because at the end of zee day, it’s all an energy and feeling game...

Here are three ways to elevate how you dress and begin visually expressing yourself more like the ICON you are, PRONTO -

crossover shirt and jeans.jpg

Tip 1 - Stop using clothes to hide or camouflage *perceived* wrongness or imperfections! Instead use what you wear as a way to actually showcase the eff outta what the good Universe gave you! Shifting your focus and how you approach putting outfits together is a huge game-changer.

Tip 2 - Remember the art of opposites! Also known as high-low, mix super casual or basic pieces - like a tee shirt + jeans - with statement pieces like a bold or ultra-chic bag, kick-ass fanthy shoes or delish lace or graphic tights. Yes, it’s time to pull out those things you’ve had tucked away for a special occasion and put them in your daily mix!

Tip 3 - Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit beautifully or commit to getting it tailored (or altering it yourself.) When something just falls and fits like it was made for you, you can just focus on sashaying your way through your day. Instant confidence and amazing posture! Bam!

BONUS: Use stuff you have creatively/re-purpose! Maybe that necklace becomes a wrap bracelet, or the colorful scarf turns into a belt! Perhaps that collection of old band pins creates a cool pattern on a bag you’re bored with, or you cut that old dress into a kick-ass shirt. Soooo many options!

Which of these are you excited to try?!

Air kisses,


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