Dress for the life you WANT!!

Stop wasting time/energy/precious OPPORTUNITY dressing for the life you currently have...


Are you dressing for the life you DESIRE? Or the one you currently have?!

Dressing for the life you currently have (if it’s not your WOW Dream Life, that is) can actually hold you back in many ways.


- It contributes to you vibrating at the same frequency rather than raising it like a mofo

- It perpetuates the stories that keep you where you are right now (instead of creating new ones that will help you go where you wanna go)

- It keeps you seeing yourself in the same way, instead of ICONIC you (think of your self-talk when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, par example…)

- It allows you to continue hiding out on the sidelines (in those same safey-safe outfits that don’t call “too much” attention to you)
- It keeps you smack in your comfort zone, repeating the same actions...

Eyenie against wall_cropped.jpg

Pillar 6 of The 7 Pillars to Being ICONIC To The Core that I use to help my badass clients create deeeeeep magical transformation from the inside-out is:

Dress for the life you DESIRE...not the one you currently have. BOOM!

When you do this, you’re communicating to the Universe, to yourself, to your potential clients + patrons that you are the ICON NOW! You are “that woman” NOW!

It’s part of BEing/Believing it before you SEE it!

Quick Tip - Today when you go to get dressed, put on something you’d wear for a perfect day in your Dream Life! If you don’t have the exact outfit, get as close as you can using whatcha got and notice how it makes you feel!

Air kisses,


//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

#elevateyourstyle #beiconictothecore

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