Are you dressing IN alignment?

Here’s how you can tell whether or not you’re dressing in alignment...


3 Signs You’re NOT Dressing In Alignment

Style = Energy. This means that style is all about using clothes to support ourselves energetically and express our quintessence visually, so we can vibrate at a frequency that matches everything we desire!! BOOM!

This is what I help my clients with ery’day! Defining + expressing their unique Style.Essence, as I call it!


Does it feel like you’re using clothes in this way? Or does something feel “off” for you? Here are some signs that you may be dressing out of alignment...

Tip 1 - You often get compliments on your style (because, let’s face it, you have kick-ass taste!)...however, you’re not usually crazy about what you’re wearing and know it doesn’t quite feel like you. You may be “shoulding” and following rules instead of getting Real and Honest with how you dress.

Tip 2 - After speaking with you and getting to know you, people sometimes say stuff like, “WOW! You’re so X or Y! I would have never thought you were like this before interacting with you!” Because visually, you’re not a match.

Tip 3 - You go to choose something to wear for an exciting event and it takes you fooooreeeevvveeer… Every time you have an idea, it never quite looks/feels like what you pictured in your noggin. Because you’re overthinking it, and your brain has very little place in Art, which is what your style *actually* is!

Do any of these ring true for you, lovey?!

Air kisses,


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