Use Your Clothes To Ground Your Energy!

Did you know you could use how you dress to help shift how you're feeling?!


3 Ways To Use How You Dress To Ground Your Energy!!

If you’re feeling scattered, all over the place, or like you can’t seem to get your day rockin’ and rollin’, you can use your clothes to support you!

Try one or all of these magical style tips and notice how your energy tooootally grounds-n-shifts!!

Tip 1 - Put on your most substantial pair of shoes. The more high-quality, the better. They can be kick-ass boots, chunky tennis shoes or some “I’m here!” wedges. This will help you anchor your energy into the Earth, literally.

Tip 2 - Add some weight to your look with a heavier/bigger bag and/or accessories. It doesn’t have to be anything over-the-top, just something you cannot forget is there like a blinged-out statement necklace or large-ish cuff bracelet. Having something like this in the mix brings your attention to it throughout the day, keeping you more in the present moment, which = grounding!

Tip 3 - Wear something red. Red is the color of the root chakra, which is all about feeling safe and supported in our lives. Choosing red helps to connect with those feelings, leading to more groundedness.

Bonus Tip - Add something structured to your outfit, like a blazer or a (p)leather jacket. This will create a feeling of being hugged or held, which helps you drop into your body more so you can touch zee ground.

Tah-daaah! Which of any of these resonate, m’lady?!

Air kisses,


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