Time To Declare I AM ENOUGH

How would you dress + show up if you finally deemed yourself to be ENOUGH?!


Seriously! What if you stopped hiding and trying to camouflage shit or covering parts of yourself up or dimming other parts of you down?!

What if you stopped punishing yourself in those small (seemingly) harmless ways on the daily...like not buying yourself that cool-ass shirt because you’re not at your “ideal weight”, or not moisturizing your face because “there’s no time for that”?

Or not carving out 5 minutes for yourself in the morning to put on an outfit you actually dig and that makes you feel powerful and confident because “there are other priorities”?

See the message you’re sending yourself (those around you and Universe)?!

You’re essentially saying you’re not worthy of your own time, care, and attention. And then those micro actions and decisions and thoughts support that until it becomes a belief.

BEing ICONIC and how you dress and show up is about *way* more than just looking good. It’s about having the mindset + energetic foundation necessary to truly take yourself to the next level.

brown boots and jeans.jpeg

There are actually several layers and phases to BEcoming our most ICONIC selves - I call them The 7 Pillars to Being ICONIC To The Core - and when women come to me, I know that the actual transformation for them comes through going through The Pillars, which then creates the outward stylish AF result!! BOOM!

Last week I told you about Pillar I, which is: I choose how I feel.

Today I want to talk about Pillar 2, which is: I am enough.

Can you please just repeat that a few times?!




 Today, as I am in this very moment, in this exact body, whatever size or shape it is. In this very context, whether I’ve achieved many or few of my goals. In every and any circumstance ever.

BOOM! Now that’s some #nextlevelshit right there!!!

Here’s to accepting that you are not only enough, but also ICONIC now, m’lady. <3

Air kisses,


//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

#elevateyourstyle #beiconictothecore