Has THIS been holding you back from your ICONIC style?

If you’re trying to “play it safe” with how you’re dressing + showing up, it can actually be mega detrimental to your biz, m’lady…


Here are 3 Ways Playing It Safe & Trying To Fit In With Your Style Is Holding You Back:

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1.) The red sneaker effect. There was actually a study done for the Journal of Consumer Research by Francesca Gino that shows, "people who stand out from the crowd are actually seen as having higher “status” than others.  And the study found repeatedly that such atypical clothing or behavior actually made others think more of the person, not less... college students were more likely to think a professor at a top-tier university described as wearing a T-shirt and sporting a beard was better respected by his students than a clean-shaven professor wearing a tie. People see such individuals, Gino says, as "having the guts to do what they're doing. They're such a high-status person that they don’t need to conform to the rules."

Moral: When you own the SHIT out of your quirks, eccentricities, avant-garde and unconventional ways, it actually makes you exude an energy of MORE authority, power and expertise.

2.) Other women and men who DO NOT fit in NEED YOU! They need to see that someone like YOU is an expert and owning their individuality while kicking ass, achieving success, being taken seriously and earning major moolah! Also, it's just smart for business! The more clearly your ideal peeps can see who you actually truly are, the more effortlessly they’ll find you and know you can help them improve their lives.

3.) When you don't dress in a way that's energetically aligned, you send mixed signals. To the Universe (about what you want, what you're willing to do, how authentic you're willing to be, what you're ready to receive, etc.), to potential clients and patrons who, whether you believe so or not, can feel at a cellular level that something is off and that you're not quite being authentic. Oh, and they'll definitely sense the frustration you feel as you try to edit, censor and fold yourself and how it conflicts with your message.

Here’s to GOING FOR IT and getting your ICONIC on, no-holds-barred! <3

Air kisses,


//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

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