Everyday, you’re doing MAGIC on yourself

And it’s either a blessing or a curse.

You’re either talking shit about yourself and pointing out everything you perceive to be wrong and bad about you (cursing yourself).

Or you’re focusing on what’s good and right and beautiful about you and cheering yourself on (blessing yourself).

You’re either taking time to adorn yourself with things that feel WOW and support your energy by allowing you to be who you desire to be from the inside-out (blessing yourself).

Or you’re wearing clothes that don’t fit well, that you don’t even like, that keep you feeling invisible and frumpy and unattractive (cursing yourself).

Do you see this?! Even the smallest actions, thoughts and words matter because they all accumulate to create a story! So, are you blessing or cursing yourself on the daily, m’lady?!

*Image from Pinterest

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