These are BLOCKING you...

These could be totally messing with your vibe...

3 Limiting Beliefs (and some of their many iterations) That Are Dimming Your ICONIC Style

  1. I’m too much. As in, “I love it...but it’s too much! I’ll stand out and get too much attention and everyone will think I’m showing of or trying to be flashy.” Etc., etc. etc.

  2. I’m not enough. As in, “Man, that ____ is kick-ass! But I’m not young/skinny/successful/cool/chic/pretty/daring/hip/etc. enough to wear it!!”

  3. What if? As in, “What if I make someone uncomfortable, or they think it’s weird I put in some effort today? What if someone feels threatened or I feel uncomfortable or my partner gets jealous or I regret it…?!”


These 3 beyatches will getcha every time! Which one creeps up for you?!


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//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

Air kisses,


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