Wanna know some easy ways to portal jump STAT?! Check it out...

3 Ways to Portal Jump Into Future ICONIC You NOW!

  1. Put on something you’d wear to a Dream Event that hasn’t come to be yet! A talk on stage? TV interview? Book launch party? Influencer Gala? Own the outfit and enjoy it, even if you’re working from home!

  2. Go window shopping at a store that ICONIC Future You would shop at and try something on! Feel into what it would be like to just buy it! Notice if you actually could buy it now if you chose to (the answer might be YES!)

  3. Make a gratitude list of things you mega desire as if they were already yours, and feel the shit outta what it would be like to have them now!

Speaking of portal jumping and quantum leaps, I’m officially taking applications for the 2019 Be The ICON: An Electric Ascension group event here in the South of France!! Will you be one of next year’ ICONs?!


//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

Air kisses,


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