ICONIC photoshoot sneak peek

This shoot BLEW my effing mind!


Sneak peek from the latest magical shoot I did here in France….!!!!

Here is what is possible when you finally embrace ALL of who you are and lean into the fear of really facing all of who you are with love -

I’m talking about those parts you’ve had hidden away, that are key parts of your ICONIC ESSENCE…

🔮 The shadows and mystery

🦄 The intensity and depth

🖤 The unchartered and intimidating

👩🏻‍🎤 The dark and brooding

⭐ The magical and powerful

💃🏻 The sensual and feminine

💜 The raw, uncomfortable and tender...


The way Deborah Odette BROUGHT it still has me reeling… What an honor it was to play with her and Meryl Montagne in this way!!

Interested in your next-level photo-shoot where you exude YOUR ICONIC Essence?! Cuz there is WAY more to you and your story than stiff poses and samey-same outfits!! Hit reply to set up a time to chat about how we can work together!


Air kisses,