You HAVE to try this!

Having a PITA time staying excited and creative with what you have in your closet?


Try creating a theme-of-the-week to inspire your outfits! It’s so effing fun and opens possibilities up like BOOM!

For example -

A week of words or concepts you love, like -

Monday - Sparkling Badass

Tuesday - Medieval Chic

Wednesday - Comfy Rebel

Thursday - Magnetic Maven

Friday - Brazen Beauty

You could do a week based on words describing your Style Elements (Air, Water, Fire, Earth and/or Space! If you haven’t taken Le Style Quiz, Take Quiz Now:

And if you’re say, Fire, you could do -

Monday - Dynamic

Tuesday - Mysterious

Wednesday - Unexpected

Thursday - Jewel tones

Friday - Ignited

Or a week of your Style ICONs, like -

Monday - Bjork

Tuesday - David Bowie

Wednesday - St. Vincent

Thursday - Cate Blanchette

Friday - Debra Harry

So many fun, new possibilities, riiiight?!

//You are not some glossy print… Show up like the unique work of Art you are

Air kisses,


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