What TRULY Makes Brand Photos ICONIC + Behind-The-Scenes in Paris

I was recently in Paris with the beautiful Singularity Storyteller, Isabelle Rizo. We shopped, we played with hair + makeup, we got our spa on. We giggled over her kick-ass loot. She werked it for the camera and got amazing shots. And though that’s all part of the experience, and important, it’s not what *actually* takes a shoot to the next level.



Here's what she did during our Be the ICON Adventure that pushed her photos to the ICONICsphere (and blew my effing mind):





1.) She stretched herself. When we discussed the concept, she said "eff you, safey-safe" and she truly went for what felt thrilling, and even just a bit scary... Why? Because that's how we begin bridging the gap between where/who you are now, and Dream You. Staying safe means staying exactly where you are now, and we're all about momentum, yo!!







2.) She spoke her truth. During the shoot, if she didn't feel good or in alignment around something, or complete with an outfit before changing, she gave it voice! No holding anything in or back, just good ol' fashioned honestly and transparency. Ultimately, this was HER vision, and communicating with me as Art Director + Style Alchemist as well s the rest of the team was vital in order for it to come to be!!



On location: Le Palais Royal

Hair touch-ups during the big shoot!


3.) She did the effing work. Prior to arriving in Paris, and during our stay, we checked in with how Isabelle was feeling, what was coming up, we cleared and moved energy and created a magical container for her to really truly own the EFF out of her ICONIC Visionary Self!! Sure photo-shoots are redonkulously fun and exciting; however, they can also bring up a shit-ton of emotions, limiting beliefs and obstacles. 




4.) She didn't give a FOOK. The clothes she bought during our shopping outing, how we put it all together, her fierce hair and makeup and how she werked it for the camera... All of it was in alignment with HER! Her energy, her message, her story, her mission... Yes, photos are seen by our ideal clients, fans and patrons, and we use them to magnetize them. But, they will only resonate if they're authentic for US, first and foremost, ya dig?


5.) She surrendered and trusted. Herself, Me, the process, the team, the outfits, the City of Paris, Mother Nature (we laugh in the face of "chance of rain"). Isabelle opened herself up to the magic of flow and fun, and free-fell into synergy, ease and grace. Control, stress, self-judgment, perfectionism... ain't nobody got time 4 dat. And they definitely do NOT lead to kick-ass magical photos, yo!


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