Dress Your Elements This Spring

Have you ever felt like something was just off with a perfectly cool outfit (that you maybe even got compliments on, cuz let's face it - you have kick-ass taste!), but weren't sure why? 

Well, it's an energy thang, m'lady! What you wear not only carries energy, but also creates it...and either you're aligned to said energy or not.

Let me 'xplain:

We are all made up of the five elements: Air, Water, Fire, Space, Earth. However, some elements play a larger and more important role in our overall energetic and physical makeup. They help determine how we express our tastes, temperament, energy and personality…

In other words, they are at the core of what makes you quintessentially YOU!

Is the way you’re choosing to dress in alignment with your elements?

Like everything in and around us, what you wear and your style = energy! And if the energy of what you’re wearing is not a match for your own enery, it can affect your confidence, creativity and motivation. So it is vital to know your elements in order to feel at home in what you wear. All while keeping your vibe way high, yo!


But first, you gotta know what your dominant element is! Here’s a list of all five Elements with some key words to help you feel into each. Notice which one feel most like YOU...


Earth:: Grounded. Structured, timeless, classic, elegant, sleek, tailored, fitted, simple, reliable, black & white, bold colors, formal, clean.

Air :: Effervescent. Bubbly, excited, happy, peppy, preppy, bright, colorful, unexpected, circles, spirals, light-hearted prints, Rounded necks, Spring colors.

Water :: Fluid. Feminine, flowing, layered, soft, comfortable, easy-going, cozy, curves, s-shape, waves, tear drops, ovals, easy, unstructured.

spring style Fire.jpg

Fire :: Ignited.
Fierce, mysterious, sexy, surprising, edgy, tribal, symmetrical, sharp edges and triangles, unfinished edges, dynamic, depth, jewel tones, pointed.

Space :: Vast.
Still, serene, structured, monochromatic, neutral tones, metals, simple, basics, elegant, intriguing, clean and crisp, minimalist.


Which stands out most to you? Use it to play, explore and experiment in your closet and see what outfit magic you come up with this Spring and the rest of the year!