You can BE all of it!

You Do NOT Have To Settle Or Choose, My Eclectic Friend!!

In any area of your life...and that includes HOW YOU DRESS!

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE lots of different styles and elements and are full of quirks and nuances. I love so many styles of clothes - chic and sleek, rock, glam, vintage…

And that’s part of what makes you so effing fascinating and textured! But, I know it can feel overwhelming to translate all of that into how you dress

But, the thing is, it’s all YOU! So, allow yourself to be ALL of it!

Eclectic woman.jpg

Here are 3 ways to drop the overwhelm, own your eclectic and look chic doing it:

1.) Style is art, and you’re the artist! What matters is the landscape or tableau you create with your outfit, not if makes sense! So CREATE from that space!

2.) Ask yourself how an outfit FEELS. If it’s off for you, see if something needs to brought in or tweaked to make it more you. It can be something as simple as an accessory or a cool jacket..explore and experiment.

3.) Play with opposites! Wearing a totally colorful and kooky dress? Add a tailored blazer. Have a high-end designer piece? Wear it with something you grabbed at the flea market or those cool tennis shoes.

Give every part of you a voice and allow it to be expressed!

Air kisses,


You’re not some glossy up like the original work of art you are. #elevateyourstyle #beiconictothecore

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