You have probably gathered by now that I’m not here to tell you that ruffles are a thing of the past (uh, vintage magic, hello!), or that you shouldn’t be wearing bell-bottoms for your body type (nuuh-uh), or that miniskirts have no place in your closet at your age (uh, have you been to France?! Cuz they ain’t buying that rule!). There are no rules!  

I am here to support you in using your clothes to dress like your true, ICONIC self, and raise your vibe.  I’ve always got your back and here I give it to you straight:  7 pieces you need to toss/donate/get rid of from your closet RIGHT NOW to raise the shit outta your vibe and make dressing (and living!) lighter, funner, and more ICONIC.

Your Ex’s Sweater
Anything that you have a negative emotional attachment to has no place in your closet or in your life.  Bye bye “exe’’s sweater.”  Adios “suit that always reminds you of a job you loathed.”  If these clothes remind you of things that feel bad or even just heavy, that’ll weigh down the energy of your closet and your style.  Imagine instead a closet full of adornments that feel lovely and light!

The Ratty Yoga Pants That I Wear Every Day, But Never To Yoga
If you have clothes that you intentionally use to HIDE, then it’s time to let them go or relegate them back to their appropriate categories as loungewear or exercise-wear.  And I’m not just looking at you, oversized sweatshirt, I’m also talking about the boring grey suit you use to fit in and hide your true style at the office, the empire-waist dress that you only bought because it camouflages your stomach so well, or the long skirt that hides those gorgeous legs you’ve come to believe would draw “too much attention” if you showed them off.

skinny jeans.jpg

Jeans That Fit Me Perfectly… 5 Years Ago
Remember, YOU’RE perfectly you in every moment, so if it doesn't align with who you are right now, then IT’S the wrong size, not you.  You deserve to adorn yourself with beautiful, comfortable clothes that fit you NOW, instead of living in the past or waiting for the future.  Remove the things that aren’t a current fit, and make room for the amazing ICONIC YOU that is happening NOW.

shoes too big.jpg

The ‘Perfect’ Pair of Heels That Are Only A Couple Sizes Too Big (But They Were On Sale!)
Let’s reiterate.  No matter how great a deal something is, if it doesn’t fit you, it makes dressing complicated, confusing, and frustrating. You know how hard it is to work around a shirt that is so tight so you can only wear it under a certain jacket, or heels that are impossible to walk in.  Honor yourself by only hanging on to things that are effortlessly you in terms of style and fit!

Earrings I Think Are “Yuck” But I Bought Because A Fashion Blog Said They’re “On Trend”
In the name of ICONIC Style, declutter anything you only own because you were told it's “fashionable” or “on trend.”  You are an ICON, and your style is uniquely your own; you’re a trend-setter, not a trend-follower.  If a trend doesn’t feel like YOU, let it pass on by! 

My Go-To White Bra That Is Now, Uh, Kinda Grey-ish Beige And A Little Baggy
Its time to declutter anything that’s stained, ripped, or blown out.  Its worked hard: thank it for its service and retire that shit.  The things you’re wearing resonate energetic frequencies sending your brain, your body, and the Universe the message that “you’d like more of this, please.”  Even if you don’t wear these things anymore, just having them in your closet or drawer makes your wardrobe feel heavier and more “blah.”

My Go-To Black Dress That Lately Feels Meh
Things that used to feel like “you,” but that no longer resonate are ready to be decluttered!  Change and growth is the natural state of living things, including humans.  Just as you do in work, creative endeavors, living circumstances, whatever, with all that energy work and personal investment, you will inevitably up-level in life and may energetically outgrow your clothes too. 

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Air kisses,


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