PLEASE stop with the default outfits…

ATTENTION! Step away from the default outfit!


You and I both know you’ve worn that shit enough! ;)

Instead, I double dog dare you to wear something from your closet that you rarely (or NEVER) wear and create a totally new and WOW outfit around it!


Doing this will get you closer to that ICONIC You! We’re talking #QuantumJumping at its finest!

Hit reply and share the outfit you end up wearing!

Air kisses,

P.S. Speaking of QUANTUM STYLE, I’m cooking up something totally next-level that will not only help you understand your unique style, but also how to AMPLIFY the shit out of it so you can STAND OUT on and offline as the ICON you are, and magnetize the shit outta your ideal peeps! #StayTuned

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Shift outta your funk with this...

Ask your way outta any funk with...QUESTIONS!


Feeling yuck, meh, blah, uninspired or like something is just off for you today?

Shifting your energy can be as simple and fast as stepping into some new shoes!! If you allow it to be…

Thurs 12 - N+Blog.jpg

One thing I LOVE doing is asking some questions!! Here are some examples -

What’s one thing I could do right now that would change everything for me today?!

What energy can I choose to BE to shift into feeling AMAZING and how I want to feel?!


What do I need/desire most in this very moment?

What can I do to support myself right now?

What’s perfect about this that I’m not seeing?

What could I wear today to create energy that feels WOW?

Presto, change-o, instant energy/vibe shifter!!! Excited to see what comes next for you!!

Air kisses,

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What to wear on your next sales call

What you wear on your sales conversations matters!


Tues 11 - N+Blog.jpg

What do you typically wear for conversations with potential clients, patrons and collaborators?!

(And, YES, it does matter even if you’re doing it via audio! Because everything is energy, and you want your vibe to be like ZIIIIING to be your most magnetic self!)

Here are some ideas on outfits that will work FOR you and your energy, lovey!

→ Blue blazer or shirt to support your throat chakra so you can speak your truth clearly
→ Earrings with an orange gemstone to support your solar plexus chakra for confidence


→ An indigo dress to support your third eye chakra so you can tap into your intuition
→ And a purple bracelet to support your crown chakra to connect more with the Universe and be in divine flow

Air kisses,

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If you’re afraid to be judged...

3 Ways To Get Over The Fear Of Being Judged For How You Dress


*The* biggest block that comes up for women I speak to when it comes to dressing how they want to dress is FEAR of what others will think.

Fear of being judged
Fear of others thinking they’re cocky or show offy
Fear of not being liked anymore if they show who they really are
Fear of not coming off as credible or “professional”
Fear of loved ones feeling betrayed or disappointed

eyenie thigh highs purple.jpg

And the list goes on and on!

This is some deep shit! And if this is the case in one area of life, chances are it’s showing up in others as well.

Here are 3 simple ways to start POOF be gone-ing fears that may be coming up for you and your personal style -

1.) Affirmations. Everywhere. On the mirror. In the restroom. In your car. About how it’s SAFE to be you. About how dressing the way you want is actually HELPING you and allowing your ideal clients to SEE you. About how you’re even more lovable as you become more fully expressed, etc. #PostItsEverywhere


2.) That outfit/accessory/kick-ass shoes that you ADORE that are collecting dust because they scare the dickens outta you. WEAR THEM! Right now. Bite the bullet, go outside and prance about town and you’ll soon notice that the world hasn’t ended. And that wearing amazing pieces you mega dig may be more thrilling than fight or flighty!

3.) Practice at home first. Play, try things on, see how it feels and strut your stuff at home to get used to embodying your essence!

Does this help? :D

Air kisses,


Scared to be different?

DARE TO BE DIFFERENT! From the inside-out...


I know, I know! Way easier said than done, yo! I know this firsthand!

Meme_2 (5).png

I was having a kick-ass conversation during an interview with a beautiful colleague last week and I realized that the biggest “game-changing” moment in my business was the when I finally really understood that I would never EVER be everyone’s cup of tea!

This made me feel SOOOO free to show up as myself! To stop the samey-same B effing S, and BE full-throttle Eyenie (no matter how quirky, kooky, whackadoo unlikable to some!)

What makes YOU different and kickass?! Let’s celebrate that shit here and now :D

Air kisses,