#1 Copper Bling Hair Pins (Set of 3)


#1 Copper Bling Hair Pins (Set of 3)


Copper Bling Hair Pins by Moss Robot (Set of 3)

#1 (Unicorn, Arrow, and Heart)

Hand-cut and shaped copper elements on copper-finished bobby pins.  Each one is cut freestyle, by hand, so slight variations may occur in shape and size.  (#bonus Each one is special to you!)

Choose a preset combo or make your own dream team of any 3. 

Please specify Right, Left, Center or “no preference” for shape orientation on elements with an asterix (*) 

Specs listed by length x width in inches and are approximate.

Due to the pointy edges of some shapes, they should not be slept in or put into mouths. Not recommended for children under 7 years of age.

Made with: copper sheeting, glue, pixie dust, leather backing, happiness and metal bobby pins. 

(Most orders are filled within 3 days of sale, but please allow for up to 2 weeks before shipping.)

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