Dress Your {ICONIC} Frequency DIY Kit


Dress Your {ICONIC} Frequency DIY Kit


This digital DIY kit contains:

  • Three modules
  • Three playbooks with prompts and questions to help you define and understand your Style.Essence
  • Videos that guide you through the entire process - everything from finding your elements, to optimizing what's in your closet already
  • Access to a super secret facebook group with other badass women

    Everything you need to OWN your Style.Essence and move through your world at YOUR frequency!
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What does it mean to dress your frequency?

It's time for you to get noticed in your BUSINESS and magnetize your ideal clients!!

If you're DONE denying your magic and over pretending you fit in... then this out-of-the-box Quantum Style experience was designed just for you, lovey!

Check it. When you dress in a way that is in alignment, your clothes become a visual expression of your core, your soul, your energy. In other words, your essence. It’s your signature je ne sais quoi, that common thread that runs through everything you touch. In short, visually, it’s what will take your style from predictable and safey-safe to quintessentially YOU.

I’ve taken dozens of women from all over the world through this process one-on-one. It is so effing powerful and transformative that I want to make it available to as many Visionaries as possible! 

This kit was designed to help you get to know yourself in an entirely new way, understand your dominant and secondary elements, and decipher what makes your style totally unique… all to make getting dressed, shopping and showing up like your version of the ICONIC Visionary effortless.

Module 1 - Distilling My Style.Essence

  • Video training to teach you everything you need to know about distilling your Style.Essence to achieve your effortless + aligned style
  • Workbook to take you through the exact process I use with my 1:1 clients
  • Guidebook to learn about your elements and loads of visual examples of outfits for each

Module 2 - Rediscover my closet +  outfit creation

  • Video training to teach you exclusive tips and tricks that will take your current wardrobe from meh to WOW! 
  • A unique process that will help you create at least 5 totally new outfits armed with your Style.Essence +  what you have  in your closet already
  • Workbook with prompts and tools to help you optimize the eff out of your current wardrobe

Module 3 - Exploring, Implementing + Shopping My Style.Essence

  • Video training with unique ways to turn shopping into something you actually dig
  • Workbook to help you gain clarity on what pieces to bring in to enhance your closet and make dressing your Style.Essence easy peasy
  • Includes checklists and prompts

Super Secret Facebook Group

  • You also get access to a posse of other badass, avant-garde women who are going through this DIY program, or have already completed it. Receive support, inspiration, outfit ideas and high fives from other badasses!
  • Ask Eyenie any of your burning style questions personally